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"George Bush - Space Cowboy"

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Fri 09/01/04 at 22:38
"Which one's pink?"
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Ok, I stole the title from Newsnight - but that's not the point.
What is, though, is that he has plans to create a human colony on the moon. Bloody hell.

He's got nowhere else to dominate, so he's choosing another planet now.
Thing is, though, is this just some wild plan to get him re-elected? Or is it a serious plan for the future?

Think about if it was the latter.
The stuff that sci-fi films are made from would be a near reality. I've got mixed feelings about this. Part of me thinks, "What a nutter. Where the hell did he conjur up this idea?".
And another part is thinking, "Wow".

Sun 11/01/04 at 18:34
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Mr Snuggly wrote:
> I can certainly think of better things to spend a trillion dollars on,
> rather than sending a man to Mars.


We have to expand into space and the sooner the better.
Sun 11/01/04 at 14:51
"possibly impossible"
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Basically, the way it may work is...

Bush tells his analysts to find out the cost of both setting up a Moonbase and sending people on to Mars after that, but he tells them to take their time.

He then waits and tells the press how happy he is to be able to re-affirm America's place in the Space Race.

This goes on until the next election, when he suddenly finds out the cost and says they can't afford it (or loses the vote, which would be the better of the two).
Sat 10/01/04 at 19:44
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Mr Snuggly wrote:
> didn't you see that movie, Red Planet? It was rubbish!

Was that that one that was sort of done in a news report style?
I saw bits of it, then almost shot myself to end the pain.
Sat 10/01/04 at 19:19
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I can certainly think of better things to spend a trillion dollars on, rather than sending a man to Mars. It'll all go horribly wrong anyway - didn't you see that movie, Red Planet? It was rubbish!
Sat 10/01/04 at 17:39
"Stay Frosty"
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Azul wrote:
> Oh, and I missed one of the main points completely.
> It's going to cost billions of dollars. Is it worth it? Is there any
> point? Why do it?
> Scientific purposes? Do you think it is sufficient to revive the
> worldwide fascination of space travel?
> Ok, a few more points than 1, but meh.

Well, we'll go to Mars sooner or later, why not in 10 years. And the moon is a great spring board for that, i.e, its a lot easier to get to Mars from the moon, than from Earth.
Sat 10/01/04 at 16:50
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And the little matter of a recession also...
Sat 10/01/04 at 15:22
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Flockhart wrote:
> his dad had this idea 13 years ago and then they found out the cost

Yes - and it was deemed far too expensive, so that's why it was scrapped then.
Sat 10/01/04 at 14:53
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HE's going to bomb the Martians now.... I'm really a American spy!
Sat 10/01/04 at 14:32
"I like cheese"
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I expect he's hoping to be the first to discover some "little green folks" on Mars.
Sat 10/01/04 at 14:27
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Stop wars and explore space

If only

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