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Thu 18/12/03 at 00:57
"Infantalised Forums"
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January 2004.
Check out the commentary line-up.
Oh yes.
Fri 19/12/03 at 00:22
"High polygon count"
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The first DVD they release should be the WHOLE film as the director intended it, including any and all bits they cut for the cinema.

But of course as long as muppets keep forking out for original, special edition, extended edition and directors cut discs, they'll keep churning them out and fleecing people.
Fri 19/12/03 at 00:15
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the only thing that bugs me is you fork out for a film, then 6 months later they release 'special directors edition' or something, with an extra 15 mins on. I don't mean deleted scenes, I mean whole chunks of the film missing - 2 good examples are the abyss and aliens. In aliens you miss all the bits with the automatic guns in, about 5 mins off the beginning and a selection of other scenes. In the abyss, you get pretty much half the plot took out! When I first saw the special edition I couldn't believe it - it was like a totally different film!

it's a crock of sh. and it shouldn't be allowed.

I couldn't give a monkeys about commentaries or documentaries, but I want the WHOLE film
Fri 19/12/03 at 00:10
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
I bought the Alien 20th Anniversary Edition which supposedly had all the extra bits in the films and a load of extras.

Then they release the Quadrilogy set with still more footage and extras.

Now this.

Can you say "milking it"?

I'm a fan of the films, but I'm not a *complete* idiot. I refuse to buy any more Alien discs. Most extras/commentaries are only watched/listened to once anyway.
Thu 18/12/03 at 20:24
"That's right!"
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Thu 18/12/03 at 20:13
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According to DVD Review the Region 2 Quadrilogy (Best word ever!) has two versions of all four movies.
Thu 18/12/03 at 20:09
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
I already have Aliens... but I want the new boxset. Trouble is, Play states the R1 version has director's cuts AND the originals of each film, but doesn't say that for the R2 version. What's the crack?

I don't have an R1 player (yes, mock me - hell, I actually have to use my PS2 in my room to watch DVDs, the R2 only player downstairs barely gets touched since my parents are in there watching TV all the time) and although I plan on getting one, it may take a while (got myself a job which starts in January, but I have other stuff to buy first)
Thu 18/12/03 at 16:35
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Just bought myself Alien and Aliens. I saw no need for 3 or 4, they just…don‘t…appeal.
Thu 18/12/03 at 13:33
"Back from the dead!"
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I bought the quadrilogy - the features never end!!!!

What happened to the talks of a 5th film, where the aliens got into a city?
Thu 18/12/03 at 10:24
"Jim Jam Jim"
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All 4 are released so at £14.99 each its just under £60 for the lot. Maybe worth getting the boxset unless these new DVDs have more features.
Thu 18/12/03 at 01:09
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Still debating over whether to get the shelf-bustingly ridiculous Alien Quadrilogy 9-disc boxset. Probably will one day, considering I don't think I've actually sat down and watched any of the first three movies all the way through in one sitting.

I don't know what I'd do without my R1 DVD player. I'd probably still be watching 6 year old movies like Titanic like the rest of you Victorian bummers.

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