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"Isn't life strange"

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Tue 16/12/03 at 19:01
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Have you ever thought what will happen when you die? Is there an afterlife or is the end of the line for you?

What were you doing before you were born, were you alive as someone else, perhaps a little particle or even living on a planet elsewhere.

How were you created, and who or what created you and the rest of us? It seems very strange when you come to think about these things, which nobody knows the answer to, or is there somebody that knows the answer who is one big creator of the life and the universe?

But then you could say who created the one who’s behind all this?

It can keep going on and on, but nobody knows the answer to these things. The universe, life and everything else can’t just suddenly appear from nowhere can it?

What was before the universe? Where did everything come from? Well, we’ll probably never know.

So what does happen when we die?

People who have died and come back say they have claimed to see a white light flashing by, with others having different versions. Perhaps they were lying to get money from their story or maybe it was true, but why did my mate see nothing when he died several times on the operating table?

Perhaps it was because he was bad or maybe it was just never his time. Look at those people who kill others and take their lives just to see this ‘heaven’, because they believe it’s the only way. I wonder what happened to these people, where the accepted by the master or refused, or are they just dead and gone forever, never to see life ever again.

We’ll never really be sure until the time comes.
Wed 17/12/03 at 12:37
"Darkness, always"
Posts: 9,603
Cockcheese isn't in the swearfilter.

It's short for George W. Bush.
Wed 17/12/03 at 12:05
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Pandaemonium wrote:
> Yeah, but so is "dick" which is short for Richard

Whups, maybe not.

Wed 17/12/03 at 12:05
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
ßora† SagdiyeV wrote:
> why is that word in the swear filter anyway? It's an old english
> womans name. y'know - fannny's your aunt, bobs your uncle

Yeah, but so is "dick" which is short for Richard
Wed 17/12/03 at 11:46
Posts: 20,776
why is that word in the swear filter anyway? It's an old english womans name. y'know - fannny's your aunt, bobs your uncle
Wed 17/12/03 at 11:44
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Your Honour wrote:
> I know where I came from, my mum's fannny.


In America that statement would be twice as funny though ;)
Wed 17/12/03 at 11:43
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Wed 17/12/03 at 11:38
Posts: 14,117
I know where I came from, my mum's fannny.
Wed 17/12/03 at 11:07
Posts: 20,776
Slaveunit wrote:

> I know where I'm going....

will there be fire and brimstone, and the cheeky girls playing repeatedly?
Wed 17/12/03 at 11:05
"Back from the dead!"
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In a world of true infinity, everything must exist, so wherever you think/want to go is there for you to go to should you choose.

I know where I'm going....
Tue 16/12/03 at 19:52
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This is the thing I was thinking about when I went through that phase of truly believing that there is only one person in this Life. Me. Kind of like, when I die, everybody dies. Bit self-centered thinking, really, but that's the only logical thing my mind thinks!

Or if you were thinking about it, you would be the only person on this Earth, like you're the creator, etcetc. Weird.

Interesting thought though, hurts your brain too much though if you pass that point of reality!

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