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"If I played WoW, I would be Leeroy Jenkins"

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Sat 21/05/05 at 22:26
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"Goddamit Leeroy"

EDIT: Techno remix now available: [URL][/URL]
Sun 05/06/05 at 19:14
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
SHEEPY wrote:
> I hate WoW now

Yes, yes, yes, so you keep telling us.

[edit] Saw you online on thunderhorn earlier. For a short time. What are you doing with your character when your sub runs out? Selling it on Ebay or just nothing? You could make some cash out of it.
Sun 05/06/05 at 18:40
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Expect KFC Kids Meal toys appearing soon, too!
Sun 05/06/05 at 18:39
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I hate WoW now
Sun 05/06/05 at 18:15
"+34 Intellect"
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Sun 05/06/05 at 17:21
"I like cheese"
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"GodDAMMIT Leeroy!!"


Enjoyed that. Looking forward to showing my WoW playing friends, they'll love it even moreso than I.

EDIT - A photo of the man himself...sorry for the long link, but there's a space in it because SR wouldn't let me go over the 60 character limit. SPACE displayimage.php?album=71&pos=73

Need I say more?
Sat 04/06/05 at 22:29
"Pouch Ape"
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Just watching a James Brown concert, he started going "Leeroy! Leeroy!" during one of the songs. Do you think he knew?
Mon 30/05/05 at 19:00
"period drama"
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Mr Snuggly wrote:
> [URL][/URL]

Ahhh ... top quality.
You can bet some geek's got that as his ringtone.
Mon 30/05/05 at 18:57
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
What quest is that? Is it something to look forward to?
Mon 30/05/05 at 08:26
Posts: 15,443
OHAHAHA, greatest geek vid I've seen for ages. And I don't even play WoW.

It goes from:

"What do you think, can you give me a number crunch real quick?"
"Wait a sec... 32.33 - repeating of course"


"Alright, time's up, let's do this - LEEROOOOYYYYYY NGHGIN"

Then the paused moment as the rest try to work out what's going on. Ahaha once again.
Thu 26/05/05 at 17:06
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Yeah thats the one, thanks :)


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