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"Things included in the next GTA?"

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Sun 02/11/03 at 11:36
"PS2 Rulez!!"
Posts: 29
what would you like to see in the next GTA
Wed 05/11/03 at 21:04
"The Red Shift"
Posts: 6,807
more explosive weaponry
the ability to gain cronies
your at the top and you get attacked mainly instead of attacking
more boat and whirly bird missions
Wed 05/11/03 at 19:11
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Sort the camera out - and the stupid stamina running thing. Walking is never fun.

And have a big car-park where you can store about 50 cars which NEVER dissapear. The garages always ate my bullet-proof cars = angry me.
Wed 05/11/03 at 16:38
"Complete Banker"
Posts: 562
AfroJoe wrote:
> Yeah, because to be quite honest, the on-foot gun sections are awful.

The on-foot sections in GTA3 were extremely difficult, simply because of the poor controls and inaccurate aiming system.

Something which was improved in Vice City, but it aim't perfect.
Wed 05/11/03 at 16:01
Posts: 23,695
Yeah, because to be quite honest, the on-foot gun sections are awful.
Wed 05/11/03 at 15:29
Posts: 20,776
GTA4 should incorporate the excellent driving elements of Vice City, crossed with the excellent FPS elements of games like Halo, or maybe elements of stealth, a la Splinter Cell
Wed 05/11/03 at 15:14
Posts: 21,800
helpme wrote:
> listen iam not a terrist but a fanatic gamer so please dont arrest me

Well as you asked nicely I won't arrest you. But next time you might not be so lucky.
Wed 05/11/03 at 12:13
"...Unicef pennies.."
Posts: 639
helpme wrote:
> i think u should go back to london but on the last mission is 2
> become king and i would like 2 see more porn like u could see them
> rompin in the cars not just it rocking back a 4

Hey, this is a great post man! You should be a games journalist.

a ha ha ha.
Wed 05/11/03 at 11:02
"Look!!! Changed!!!1"
Posts: 2,072
ELJUICY wrote:
> And your comment about "the
> stupidest thing i've ever heard" wasn't really needed, was it?

Yes, yes it was. As it is the stupidest thing I've ever read, well, until El Robin's gem last night. Personally, I buy games for how they play, not the surrounding filler. Example, I hate mushrooms but have had hours of fun with countless Mario games.
Tue 04/11/03 at 22:26
"[SE] Shadow Elite"
Posts: 953
Dr Gonzo wrote:
> ELJUICY wrote:
> I've got GTA3 but didn't get
> Vice, mainly because of when it was set.
> That's got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever read. Well
> done.

Hey, i just don't like all the sunshine and flowers, i liked the drug filled land of Liberty City. Don't get me wrong, Vice is a great game, i just didn't want to get it. And your comment about "the stupidest thing i've ever heard" wasn't really needed, was it?
Tue 04/11/03 at 21:50
Posts: 482
I would like to see a multiplayer mode, maybe over the internet.
Maybe a skateboard which you can use in areas where cars is not allowed.

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