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"Favorurite movie"

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Thu 30/10/03 at 20:51
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What is your favorite movie?
Sun 02/11/03 at 13:12
Posts: 13,611
1. The Matrix Trilogy
2. Star Wars Saga
3. Donnie Darko

Probably. I'm sure about the first two.
Sun 02/11/03 at 12:58
Posts: 5,848
Top lot:

Forrest Gump:

A great, funny and original story. I like this film because it has an excellent plot and genuinely makes you feel what the charcters feel. This has more twists and turns than a Rollercoaster and some superb acting makes it a classic.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Genuinely funny with some great special effects littering the film. It has a good plot and some great, developed characters. A humorous kids' film, that really benefits from "the big screen".

Deep Blue Sea:

Some great suspense without it being a horror flick. Deep Blue Sea has some funny and sad moments. Again some good special effects and character development. Slightly formulaic but still great. Owes its' success to Jaws.

Scary Movie 1:

A hilarious film with a great angle that is constantly funny. You will need to have your' side stitched up and is a great film. The mick taking is very good aswell.

Scary Movie 2:

Even funnier than its' predecessor. These films are more controversial than the chicken and the egg, as to which is better.

Not another Teen Movie:

This is made by the developers of the Scary Movie films, it is great and at a lower age rating. Very funny with yet more mick taking and side splitting humour.

Of Mice and Men:

A classic film. There is a very sad ending to John Steinbecks' master piece. A great film with superb acting.


The "daddy" of all modern thriller and "animals attack" type films. There is some good special effects and tense moments. Classic shark film.
Sun 02/11/03 at 12:05
" my english rock"
Posts: 7
Band of brother's is good...and I like starwars
Sun 02/11/03 at 11:24
Posts: 421
Probable top 10.

Resevoir Dogs.
Raging Bull.
One flew over the Cuckoo's nest.
The Commitments.
The Green Mile.
Pulp Fiction.
Midnight Express.
The Shawshank Redemption.
The Godfather. ( see tagline )
Sun 02/11/03 at 07:59
"Party Hard"
Posts: 1,202
One of these few:

1)The Killer
- A violent, beautifully over the top John Woo thriller, the only downer
being that it's all in Chinese and you have to either watch it dubbed
or subtitled. Still didn't spoil my enjoyment though.

2)The Usual Suspects
- Could easily run for the most stunning movie ever. The complex story
weaves its way to the best finale of all time- "A twist, a twist and
a twist".

3)The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
- People say this is just another slasher movie, but how can it be
"just another" one when it was the first one? Inspired the likes of
Evil Dead and Alien.

- No matter how many times I watch this I always end up laughing myself
stupid. One of those films that requires at least a second or third
Sat 01/11/03 at 19:19
"No Chance!?!?!?!?!?"
Posts: 75
Final Destination and Final Destination 2 are amazing tey are just pure class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And incase any1 hasn't seen it Final Destination is on 2morrow night! I am not sure what time or channeal but it is! It is good watch it!
Fri 31/10/03 at 17:56
Posts: 9,320
Got loads however if I had to choose only one it would be Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Fri 31/10/03 at 15:15
Posts: 252
'My favourite movie is The Fifth Element. It is just pure entertainment. There is no overly complex storyline just a very creative movie that keeps me entertained. Great film.'

Haha, that was quite funny.

Oh wait, you weren't being serious were ya? Bet your second favouite is Gigli.
Fri 31/10/03 at 13:44
"Look!!! Changed!!!1"
Posts: 2,072
The Apartment, Rear Window, North by Northwest, Dark Days, bah, scroll back about a week to the last time this topic was done :)
Fri 31/10/03 at 11:58
"you've got a beard"
Posts: 7,442
ooooooh, i have loads...
i don't really have an all-time favourite, but these are movies i can watch over and over and not tire of :)

1) Star Wars Trilogy
2) Die Hard 1&2
3) The Breakfast Club
4) The Wizard (basically a 90 minute nintendo advert :) )
5) Kevin Smith movies
6) A Few Good Men
7) Terminator 1&2 (not seen 3 yet)
8) Robocop 1&2

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