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Thu 30/10/03 at 13:31
"eat me im healthy"
Posts: 59
Thu 30/10/03 at 18:37
"Light of the world"
Posts: 4,763
Because I have had a medium steak with chips and a healthy portion of peas I am feeling happy... so I will spare the time to just let you know.

Mr. Soggy Lettuce, I also think Lord of the rings is quite good but in these forums an entire thread devoted to this one opinion in block capitals may spark up most users to be generally aggressive to you.
Here, the people that are liked make a thread with relevance which is likely to spur up a good chat. But people who do threads which seem silly are seen as clogging up the forums and not using them for their correct purpose.

If you stick to these guildelines you should be ok:

- Don't write in text language. They will take your genitals, hang them up next to the tomatoes till they are sun dried and wait long enough before cooking them in some hungarian style soup.

- If you have a particular thread you want to post, try do it in the correct posting category. E.g. If you want an in depth conversation on politics visit life.

- Don't create one liner threads with no real basis because you will probably be banned for spamming

- If you swear, ennoy, spam, hack, constantly be aggressive and do not stick to the special reserve chat guidelines you will be banned. If you have any trouble or queries visit site bugs.
Thu 30/10/03 at 18:31
Posts: 10,759
soggy lettuce wrote:
> ur pet is soo skinny wen the flea looked in its direction the flea sed
> oh look at the peice of sobotomic particles ha ha ha ha ha

I think he tried to type 'sub-atomic'

But failed.
Thu 30/10/03 at 18:29
"eat me im healthy"
Posts: 59
that was my mate writin that
Thu 30/10/03 at 14:22
Posts: 3,937
I think this guy's funny.
Thu 30/10/03 at 14:11
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Im wit u!!!!!!!!!!

Thu 30/10/03 at 14:11
Posts: 20,776
I sometimes like to tell newbies where they are going wrong, why terrible spelling is annoying and the like. But I'm happy for this one to be ripped to shreds by the more ruthless users on here, he is beyond help ....
Thu 30/10/03 at 14:09
"A Ghost Of You"
Posts: 795
Bane wrote:
> Or possibly the return of another GAD competition?

Maybe, but the forums seemed to be a lot better before SR cut GAD 1 + 3.
Thu 30/10/03 at 14:05
"Taste My Pain"
Posts: 879
Or possibly the return of another GAD competition?
Thu 30/10/03 at 14:02
"A Ghost Of You"
Posts: 795
Is this recent Spam-fest been the result of kids not going out for Half-Term?
Thu 30/10/03 at 13:56
"Taste My Pain"
Posts: 879
I could make a comment, but I fear that use of english may well confuse this poor person.

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