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"My latest Video's and DVD's"

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Tue 28/10/03 at 10:19
"Vote For Pedro"
Posts: 5,679
Tarantino Collection DVD Boxset - 24.99

Bowling For Columbine VHS - 4.99

Magnolia DVD - 7.50

Roger And Me DVD(After Bowling For Columbine, I had to see this too) - 11.99

The Office Series 2 VHS - 9.99

Opinions on any of these?
Tue 28/10/03 at 22:53
Posts: 3,348
Tue 28/10/03 at 22:24
Posts: 3,348
Just ordered:

Halloween (25th Anniversary Edition), 13.49 (DVD)

Shining, The, 14.99 (DVD)

Exorcist-Directors Cut, 8.99 (DVD)

Halloween was 19 in MVC and the non 25th edition was 16. The shining was about 18 in MVC as well. I think they bump the price of horrors up around halloween.
Tue 28/10/03 at 22:17
Posts: 3,348
Mystique wrote:
> CDouch wrote:
> Opinions on any of these?
> *****
> You're a fool for buying VHS when you have a DVD player.
> *Slap*

especially at that price
Tue 28/10/03 at 19:24
Posts: 18,775
CDouch wrote:
> Opinions on any of these?

You're a fool for buying VHS when you have a DVD player.
Tue 28/10/03 at 18:54
Posts: 14,437
I too bought the Tarantino box set. Funny how I *almost* bought Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs on many occasions, but something told me not to...

There will probably be another box set after Kill Bill has been released for a bit.

Very good value though! I love the HMV biggest ever sale, which they seem to have on every other month!

Also picked up Con Air DVD for 3.99. Still ain't opened it and that was a month ago.

I'll probably be nabbing the LOTR:TTT Limited Edition box set that comes out soon too...
Tue 28/10/03 at 18:36
"Party Hard"
Posts: 1,202
Here's an idea:

Why don't we use this thread for everyone who wants to get other people's opinions on DVD's and Videos they have recently bought?
Tue 28/10/03 at 14:27
"Bring the beat back"
Posts: 1,804
I like The office but I can't say I like the rest, not that i've seen them all the way through tho. Sounds to me as you got them cheap which is good.
Tue 28/10/03 at 11:43
"50 BLM,30 SMN,25 RD"
Posts: 2,299
I recently got Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Transformers the Movie and Blue Velvet on DVD for a fiver each :-)
Tue 28/10/03 at 11:06
"no longer El Blokey"
Posts: 4,471
Should have got Office DVD for an extra fiver, some nice extras.
Tue 28/10/03 at 10:34
"All about the Beats"
Posts: 1,998
Thats a good price for the Tarantino boxset. Get It!

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