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"R,I.P Albert The Large"

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Thu 16/10/03 at 20:03
"I'm Back!!"
Posts: 1,973
I happen to be a good friend of his and also of his nephews.. and im sorry to say he has past away.

R.I.P Albert the Large :(
Sun 19/10/03 at 17:54
Posts: 11,024
the_aoe_slaught  wrote:
> Blank wrote:
> People aren't still arguing about this, are they? Get a life.
> They stopped arguing a page back.

I know, but I had to get my joke in.
Sun 19/10/03 at 17:04
Posts: 5,848
I didn't like him but still....

A "passing away" is a "passing way"

Sun 19/10/03 at 17:02
"100% pure bling!"
Posts: 44
Albert the large ghost
Sun 19/10/03 at 17:01
"Dr. Chad Niga"
Posts: 4,550
In the memory of our good friend (or to some our most hated due to obesity) i would like to give a few words.

I first saw Fatboy on special observe, and MY god was he greasy, also fat, he ammused me for a few days as i pointed and laughed at his many chins.

What most impressed me about Mr.Large was how he knew he was fat, yet he still ate, he ate what we told him, it was like taking advantage of some mentally disabled kid.

But what trully gained respect for the pig, was the quote:
" To be truley happy you need to be fat. "
And By Joe was he happy, he had trouble eating a cheese burger, not because of his large obese hands preventing him from getting a tight grip round the burger, but because of his over whelming smile of joy.

And by that i say: Let the big dog EAT.

(by no means did i know Fatboy personally)
Fri 17/10/03 at 18:24
Posts: 9,631
Blank wrote:
> People aren't still arguing about this, are they? Get a life.

They stopped arguing a page back.
Fri 17/10/03 at 17:56
"For the horde!!!!"
Posts: 3,656
I didn't know Albert but R.I.P anyway.

As for the rest of the scum who are mocking the people who liked him, GO AWAY NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!
Fri 17/10/03 at 17:31
Posts: 11,024
People aren't still arguing about this, are they? Get a life.

(I could say "There's one going spare", but I won't)
Fri 17/10/03 at 17:12
"Not a Jew"
Posts: 7,532
Good ol' Albert. He will always live on in our memories, and our fridges.

Fri 17/10/03 at 17:00
Posts: 9,320
R.I.P - Seemed like a great guy!
Fri 17/10/03 at 15:35
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Possum wrote:
> I remember him, at the beginning of the year I made a topic asking him
> if he was 'shawn crahan' from slipknot, because he looked realy like
> him.
> I'm not even joking.

I thought he looks more like Al from Home Improvement.

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