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"I fancy my mates Mum."

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Sun 21/09/03 at 18:54
"Mi/\\/dfrig Naked"
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She's single and all that, but I don't know whether to ask her out because of what he might say.

I'd be like his step-dad.

Mon 22/09/03 at 14:08
"Mi/\\/dfrig Naked"
Posts: 1,456
Mon 22/09/03 at 12:58
"Sal Paradise"
Posts: 708
Unbeliever wrote:
> Would it be "MILF" by any chance?

Ant, do they call chant "MILF MILF MILF MILF!!" Or something like that? :-)
Mon 22/09/03 at 09:24
"Brownium Motion"
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Ant wrote:
> All my mates fancy my mum.
> They have a special term for her. :S

Would it be "MILF" by any chance?
Mon 22/09/03 at 07:50
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Ie, (X = tick box - Enter = button)

What is your favourite colour?
X --Green
X --Red
X --Blue


When you click enter it automatically posts something like the original post here.
Mon 22/09/03 at 00:38
"The mighty GE90-115"
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Whats a scripting trick...???
Sun 21/09/03 at 23:52
"I like cheese"
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All my mates fancy my mum.

They have a special term for her. :S
Sun 21/09/03 at 19:59
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well yes that would be a problem, if you read the WHOLE post it says "I'd be his step-DAD".

no further comment
Sun 21/09/03 at 19:57
"Plate of glue"
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Vitamin G│ wrote:
> ▀orać SagdiyeV wrote:
> and Lawri is a girl.
> Would that be a problem? ;c)
Sun 21/09/03 at 19:48
"Mi/\\/dfrig Naked"
Posts: 1,456
i'm a girl and im 18
Sun 21/09/03 at 19:37
Posts: 11,597
▀orać SagdiyeV wrote:
> and Lawri is a girl.

Would that be a problem? ;c)

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