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"SR F1 Championship - Japanese Grand Prix"

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Wed 17/09/03 at 19:32
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
Pizzonia takes the final win as the curtain falls on another season

Pizzonia takes the win in the Japanese Grand Prix and with the Drivers Championship decided, all eyes were on Jordan, Renault and B.A.R. to see who took the prize of best Constructor. We'll answer that question later on.

The race was certainly eventful. The skies were clear but there was a chance of some heavy rain. The race was dry for all of 2 laps which caught Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher out straight away. It caught Raikkonen out more when he spun in the same place as the previous lap but beached the car in the gravel trap to end his race on lap 3.

Wilson was the next to go on lap 4 when he smashed into the barriers. Panis crashed out on lap 5, ending a dismal season in last place in the Drivers Championship and making Toyota's job of getting out of last place even harder. Fisichella's suspension failed on lap 6 in the only mechanical failure of the day. Toyota's race and season was over when Da Matta spun and beached himself in the gravel on lap 7.

Webber smashed into the barriers on lap 8 as conditions really started to deteriorate. Ralf Schumacher was next to go on lap 24 when he smashed into the barriers. Trulli smashed into the barriers on lap 45 to end a season that started so promisingly. Montoya was the final retirement on lap 49 when he crashed in the same place as Trulli but got classified in 14th.

There was a lot of spinning cars during the race. Apart from Raikkonen and Michael Schumacher, which I've already mentioned, Alonso, Montoya, Trulli twice, Verstappen, Irvine, Barrichello twice, Button 3 times, R Schumacher twice, Heidfeld twice, Frentzen, Villeneuve and Coulthard all had spins of varying sizes.

So, who won the Constructors Championship for 2003? The answer is...


They rested their hopes on Firman and it paid off as neither Renault or B.A.R. could manage points and Firman finishing in a comfortable 2nd place.

Pizzonia ends his, and Jaguar's season, on a high with a win. Firman ends a tremendous season of reliability and consistency with 2nd place. De La Rosa ends another solid season with 3rd place. Frentzen takes 4th and completes a good second half to the season. Michael Schumacher takes 5th place and it is definitely an improvement on last seasons performances. Heidfeld couldn't quite take 2nd in the Championship but a stunning season ends with 6th place. Coulthard takes 7th place and 2 points with Irvine taking 1 point for 8th in his best season.

Full Race Results:

1st Pizzonia (Jules) 1h33m10.745s - (Up 1)
2nd Firman (DW) +6.740s - (Down 1)
3rd De La Rosa (Virtuoso) +23.392s - (Up 18)
4th Frentzen (Figo) +40.586s - (Up 16)
5th M Schumacher (Notorious Biggles) +51.195s - (Down 2)
6th Heidfeld (Shadow) +57.129s - (Down 2)
7th Coulthard (Absolut Neo) +1m03.735s - (Down 1)
8th Irvine (Wilson) +1m04.382s - (Up 14)
9th Barrichello (Unbeliever) +1m07.532s - (Down 1)
10th Villeneuve (Sdrawkcab) +1m24.043s - (Up 9)
11th Verstappen (Jae) +1m24.744s - (No Change)
12th Alonso (Jetster) +1m31.414s - (Up 3)
13th Button (Der Nazi) -1lap - (Down 3)
14th Montoya (Afrojoe) -3laps - (Down 9)


Trulli (Ant) Crashed
R Schumacher (Vamp) Crashed
Webber (Evil Dark) Crashed
Da Matta (Grandprix) Crashed
Fisichella (Badgerman) Suspension
Panis (Foreman) Crashed
Wilson (MikeAll) Crashed
Raikkonen (Ineedsleep) Crashed

Final Drivers Standings:

1st Firman 73pts - World Champion
2nd Alonso 48pts
3rd Heidfeld 45pts
4th Button 41pts
5th Villeneuve 40pts (3 wins)
6th De La Rosa 40pts (1 win)
7th Coulthard 36pts (2 wins)
8th Montoya 36pts (1 win)
9th Trulli 35pts
10th Verstappen 34pts
11th Pizzonia 33pts
12th Raikkonen 30pts
13th Frentzen 29pts
14th R Schumacher 28pts
15th Fisichella 26pts
16th Wilson 20pts
17th M Schumacher 15pts
18th Barrichello 14pts
19th Irvine 11pts (1 5th place)
20th Da Matta 11pts (0 5th places)
21st Webber 10pts
22nd Panis 8pts

Final Constructors Standings:

1st Jordan 99pts
2nd Renault 83pts
3rd B.A.R. 81pts
4th Sauber 74pts
5th McLaren 66pts
6th Williams 64pts
7th Minardi 54pts
8th Senna G.P. 51pts
9th Jaguar 43pts
10th Ferrari 29pts
11th Toyota 19pts

So, that is the end of the 2003 season. Make sure you read the Award Ceremony topic to see my thoughts on the season. Thank you for your support.
Sun 21/09/03 at 22:54
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
A quick thank you for all your comments over the season. Thank you. :)
Sun 21/09/03 at 21:22
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
Grandprix wrote:

> Raikkonen out more when he spun in the same place as the previous lap
> but beached the car in the gravel trap to end his race on lap 3.

Missed this in my rush to get to the awards ceremony:)

Am envious though. He did it deliberately you know, as his season was already over he decided to go on holiday early. At least he saw a beach, all I saw was ruddy sheep.
Sun 21/09/03 at 21:11
"Where's SR?"
Posts: 1,310
Haven't read this in ages so I suppose I deserve the 16th place. Thanks to grandprix for running this.
Thu 18/09/03 at 21:09
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
4th place. To think Button was last at one point!

Shame He got no points in Japan though. Oh well, at least he got some podiums.
Thu 18/09/03 at 21:02
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
Bah. Verstappen ends the season averagely (Is that a word?!)... :D Not that bad, I suppose.
Thu 18/09/03 at 19:57
"This is my tagline"
Posts: 94

more of the same next season please!!!!!!!!!!
Wed 17/09/03 at 19:45
Posts: 11,597

If you wanna win anything next year, you've gotta stay as Fishylegs. We make the best partnership. I think I'm in love...
Wed 17/09/03 at 19:43
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Screw you DW.

Anyway, wanna pick Firman and Fisichella next season?

Wed 17/09/03 at 19:40
Posts: 11,597
2nd whooo. And Badger didn't finish hahaha. Genius.

Team DW won three times yay. Singles, Constructors and Best Arguement or something.
Wed 17/09/03 at 19:40
Posts: 6,989
Grandprix wrote:

> Panis crashed out on lap 5, ending a dismal season in last place.

Unbelievable, oh well there's always next time.

> So, that is the end of the 2003 season. Make sure you read the Award
> Ceremony topic to see my thoughts on the season. Thank you for your
> support.


Well done Grandprix, great work there.

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