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"Underaged Drinkers etc.."

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Mon 01/09/03 at 12:06
"I'm Back!!"
Posts: 1,973
From 13+ more and more teenagers are starting to drink, smoke do drugs, hire prostitutes and get tatoos etc etc etc.

But the thing is they think it's sooooo "cool" but when really its pathetic. Ok you can get a fake ID from the net that looks somewhat convincing for about £15, but seriously wht not just wait till you are actually 18?

If you do all these things and such a low age then what is there to look forward to on the big 18? You've already been wasted, smoke, been stoned got a tattoo etc, what else is there to do at 18 when you've done it all because you are a big tough 13-14 year old.

You all know I'm right. Discuss.

- Bazzman -
Tue 02/09/03 at 19:46
"Uzi Lover"
Posts: 7,403
Mess wrote:
> I'm 16 and I don't hire prostitues.

Nor do I, I jsut get porn. Or maybe thats because I'm 17, or just terribly single?
Tue 02/09/03 at 19:35
"keep your receipt"
Posts: 990
I'm 16 and I don't hire prostitues.

Tue 02/09/03 at 19:00
"Jags is teh l33t"
Posts: 4,074
From 13+ more and more teenagers are starting to drink, smoke do drugs, hire prostitutes and get tatoos etc etc etc.

Most ive ever drunk was 2 and a bit barcardi breezers. Never done any of the others. Im 17 :P How many 14 years olds hire prostitutes anyway? and don't you have to show a decent id to prove your 18 for a tatoo?

also you can smoke from 16
Tue 02/09/03 at 18:44
Posts: 11,038
I'm 15.

The only one of them I do is drink.

And that's because it tastes nice, whisky, that is.
And I don't get drunk, which lets me see everyone else drunk and be the only person who can remember it.
Tue 02/09/03 at 16:25
Posts: 10,364
I go to partys and get totally wasted.

I'm only 16 - But feck it.

You only live once aye?

And gerrid's comment made me do a laugh.
Tue 02/09/03 at 16:21
"For the horde!!!!"
Posts: 3,656
I guess it beats playing with action man and reading beano comics.
Tue 02/09/03 at 16:07
Posts: 23,284
Err yeah
Tue 02/09/03 at 15:46
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
Peter Venkman wrote:
> Every teenager will start doing it when they hit 15, usually.

Mon 01/09/03 at 13:46
"118 118"
Posts: 1,126
Juicy gossip eh

Mon 01/09/03 at 13:21
"Mi/\\/dfrig Naked"
Posts: 1,456
Kyz wrote:
> I dare you to spin around 10 times and try and touch your nose.
> And Bazzman, you're one to talk, how old was you when you knocked
> that lass up?


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