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"The forums have really livend up lately..."

The "Freeola Customer Forum" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Wed 20/08/03 at 19:01
Posts: 787
Just over the past few months some cool stuff has been happening. Me being a monkey (and asher d and dw).

Goatboy being a hacker.

System upgrade.

Loads of other stuff i forgot about.

And now this hacker.. ooh yeah this forum rocks.
Wed 20/08/03 at 23:24
Posts: 9,629
žniper wrote:
> He's been here longer than you.

What's that got to do with me pointing out his stats are screwed up a little saying he hasn't posted when he quite clearly has?

It's a bit obvious he was here before in him talking about his return!
Wed 20/08/03 at 23:15
Posts: 16,558
He's been here longer than you.
Wed 20/08/03 at 22:43
Posts: 9,629
Time_Warp wrote:
> The forums livening up eh? I'd put it down to my return. :-).

When I clicked on your stats it said you've made 0 posts in 4 days. Odd!
Wed 20/08/03 at 22:40
"Sal Paradise"
Posts: 708
The forums livening up eh? I'd put it down to my return. :-).
Wed 20/08/03 at 21:06
Posts: 16,558
I find it boring this hacking stuff for some reason ;p
Wed 20/08/03 at 21:05
Posts: 9,631
That post would have made sense like a few hours ago but now we actually know they arn't hackers it kinda made you look... nvm
Wed 20/08/03 at 20:47
Posts: 20,776
Tribute wrote:
> I've got all your address' now thanks to the hack. I hold all the
> cards.

thankfully our credit card details aren't stored on this site, otherwise there would be a rather serious situation afoot.
Wed 20/08/03 at 20:07
Posts: 2,731
Snuggly saw this forum as dying so he wrote some 'soap' like storylines to liven things up.

Just you wait for the three man and mystique affair next week!
Wed 20/08/03 at 19:13
Posts: 415
Tribute wrote:
> the_aoe_slaught wrote:
> coming round to your house and beating you to a
> pulp.
> I've got all your address' now thanks to the hack. I hold all the
> cards.
> And what will the police do? detention center? The law is unjust, but
> it works or me.

Woohoo! Thank god for fake addys. :D
Wed 20/08/03 at 19:12
Posts: 6,228
I said it by mistake when i was a ghost, so I might as well come clean they'd have found out by my IP anywaze

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