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"Mystique’s “Don’t make me angry” dictionary"

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Wed 20/08/03 at 14:22
Posts: 787
Ok, so I’m ill and have gotten bored with staying in bed watching daytime TV. So here I am, presenting to you all…

Mystique’s “Don’t make me angry” dictionary:

· Spider-Man – You should all know this by now. It’s Spider-Man, not spiderman. It has TWO capital letters (The S and M for the more stupid people out there) and line thingy which I’ve forgotten the name of (one of these -)

· Porn – Not pr0n, when out in public do you actually say pr0n? No. Because you’ll look a Pratt. Well guess what, it’s no different here.

· Elite – For some reason people seem to think “1337” is the cool way to say this. This covers all of that number talking. Did Sesame Street teach you nothing?

· Git – NOT goit. Yes I am talking to you shaneo, you annoying troll.

· Txt tlk – It might be quicker for you to type it, but it’s not quicker to read it. Most of you can read and write so do it properly. Text talk is just plain lazy and damned annoying.

· Spider-Man – I cannot stress this enough. S P I D E R – M A N, not spiderman.

Ok, I’m starting to go dizzy now so I’ll add more later.
Wed 20/08/03 at 23:04
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
Mystique wrote:
> S P I D E R – M A N, not spiderman.

It's Spider-Man. Not S P I D E R - M A N.

Can't you get it right?
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:28
Posts: 16,558
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:27
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
I can't decide if this is getting boring or funnier but this thread is getting very hard to read.
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:07
Posts: 787
We've hacked into the database.

Soon, all SR's prices will be £5, the forums will be down and many games will be sent to my house.

I've been waiting for this moment since I joined and vowed to hack you all.
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:04
Posts: 3,937
The New God wrote:
> You think this is random. You don't think 'we' have control?
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:03
Posts: 3,937
Bob, are you doing this? is this happening on purpose. You're evil if it is.
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:03
Posts: 787
You think this is random. You don't think 'we' have control?
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:01
Posts: 787
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:01
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
It's one of those random server thingys wher people randomly get removed..
Wed 20/08/03 at 17:59
Posts: 9,494
Well, I'm off to deltete all my information off my account.

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