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"i try to get myself a partially social life and this is what happens..."

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Tue 19/08/03 at 18:50
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i get stood a row...

It began when i rang one of my mates, maarten, to go out on our bikes for the evening, and for him to get his mates to come aswell. We've done something like this once before, and i was invited to come along with 3 or 4 other mates to go out on our bikes, so i THOUGHT it'd be no problem doing it again.

well, i arrange for 6pm monday...

6:15, he still hasn't come...

i then rang him up, hoping for an explanation. the one i got was "i have to go out".... fair enough - disappointed with a dash of anger, because he could have at least made sure he was free monday with his large, 15-member family's parents.

so, then he says, "what about tommorow", and i agree. same time - 6:00.

so, tuesday - 6:15, i phone AGAIN, and this time i am annoyed, but talking to him directly i just can't show it. between the person shouting maarten down to come to the phone, i hear a bit of dutch chatter, and a very angry sounding string of dutch words, that sounded lie maarten's mum, and then, in between all that, i hear "well stop lying to him then!"

i just had a fit, but suppressed it during the conversation. "sorry, but my auntie and uncle are staying for the week". What the hell ha that got do with with the price of sih, i think to myself. He continues; "they'll be gone saturday, so call then, k?". "err ok" i answer.

It's one thing to have a valid reason for not being able to come, but saying yes and then not coming, and then not calling me to say hey, i can't come is totally another thing. if things weren't already agravating it turns out he lied to me on monday.

i was so livid i punched the bed i was sat on so hard the ceiling light shook - and now, strongly desiring the need for a punchbag, i sit reflecting on how i'm going to kick his stupid ass when the summer holidays end.

My parents were the first to splash out sympathy, and tell me "it'll come round, love". damn, they're so helpful when they need to be. maybe this will shed light on those telling me to stop moping, go out with your mates and so on - because this is how they behave towards me.
Thu 21/08/03 at 22:03
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and about letting him know i'm pished off? well, nothing is stopping me from throwing him to the ground, chucking chunks of bark at him and roaring in a blind rage when i go back to school. DEFINITELY in the right direction.
Thu 21/08/03 at 22:01
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Time_Warp wrote:
> You're right to be angry. You need to ask him why he keeps doing it.
> Hes either horrible or a bit weird in the head. Dont ask why about
> the second

you've got a good chance of getting the second one right!

but now i've realised that my bro-in-law to be is just the kind of bloke that i enjoy the company of. well, he's a lot older than me but thanks to a lucky sales chance he lives next door with my sis!
Wed 20/08/03 at 23:49
"Cardboard Tube Ninj"
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Don't stop drinking.

This is also from experience.
Wed 20/08/03 at 23:30
"keep your receipt"
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Don't start drinking.

This is from experience.
Wed 20/08/03 at 18:12
"Sal Paradise"
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You're right to be angry. You need to ask him why he keeps doing it. Hes either horrible or a bit weird in the head. Dont ask why about the second
Tue 19/08/03 at 20:13
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I wasn't laughing at you, at BEARDS I meant.

Tell him he sucks
Tue 19/08/03 at 20:09
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I've gone out virtually every day since the start of June. Mates house this evening... Southern Comfort I think for me.
Tue 19/08/03 at 20:00
"Cardboard Tube Ninj"
Posts: 2,221
Smack him in the head. With a glass bottle. Then sleep with his dad.
Tue 19/08/03 at 19:58
Posts: 8,220
Do what Borat said, but in a dignified way.

Then keep an eye out for friends who'll treat you with a little more respect.

And stop being racist.
Tue 19/08/03 at 19:26
"Twenty quid."
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What Borat said makes sense - go and do it.

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