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"Out of interest, Did anyone watch......"

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Mon 28/07/03 at 13:23
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....Terminator 2 last night?

Its been a few years since i've watched it, so it was good seeing it last night. Its such a cool movie - I love it lol.

"Hasta la vista, baby"

*anticipates T3*
Tue 29/07/03 at 09:52
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
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For both Last Action Hero and Terminator 2, I watched the DVDs and put them in sync with the TV versions. While they were behind at the start (due to edits in TV etc), as adverts kicked in, it was funny to see the DVDs overtake :D

And Thursday night (night before I go see T3), I'm gonna watch T1 and T2, so I'm fresh to the storyline...again, even though I've seen them about 30 times each.
Mon 28/07/03 at 23:06
"I see you"
Posts: 536
gamezfreak wrote:
> ....Terminator 2 last night?
> Its been a few years since i've watched it, so it was good seeing it
> last night. Its such a cool movie - I love it lol.
> "Hasta la vista, baby"
> *anticipates T3*

It's a pity it wasn't the special edition one with the extra 15 mins of footage.
Mon 28/07/03 at 22:12
"Bring the beat back"
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I watched it as I haven't seen it in a while but is arnie to old now to make T3 as good as all the others.
Mon 28/07/03 at 21:24
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gamezfreak wrote:
> ....Terminator 2 last night?

no but I recently bought the ultimate version DVD which I think is great and heartily recommend.

still one of the finest sci fi flicks ever, and considering it was released in 1991, amazing.

*also anticipates t3*
Mon 28/07/03 at 21:16
"That's right!"
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gamezfreak wrote:
> "I have a kee"
> *blasts door down*


It's "Let me try mine."

Pft, don't mis-quote Arnie ever again. He'll come get you if you do.
Mon 28/07/03 at 21:14
"+34 Intellect"
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I was hoping they would include the part in the foundry where the T-1000 touches the hand-rail and copies the pattern.

But they didnt.
Mon 28/07/03 at 18:15
"Puerile Shagging"
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Azul wrote:
> It's just not as great as a long awaited sequel could've been.

No Cameron, so I'm not expecting much.
Mon 28/07/03 at 15:43
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A kee?
Mon 28/07/03 at 14:54
Posts: 10,489
"Chillout D*ck wad*

Classic Arnie line. Hilarious stuff!
Mon 28/07/03 at 14:53
Posts: 10,364
"I have a kee"

*blasts door down*

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