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"Terminator 3 on DVD"

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Tue 15/07/03 at 12:41
Posts: 787
Yes, I have it and have had it for like 2 weeks.

All I can say is, the ending is extremely clever but after the film, you'll be a little disappointed.

(I also have bullet-proof monk, Bruce Almighty and the Hulk) . . ( they're actually my bro's but I have full access to them)

Okay, I'm off on holiday now to Majorca. Have fun.
Wed 30/07/03 at 23:58
Posts: 11,038
I've got an excellent copy of Bruce Almighty on DVD, which has Subtitles, Scene Selection, Dolby SUrround souind, and, is on the whole, very very very good quality.

That's what he'll have.
Wed 23/07/03 at 08:11
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
Posts: 2,988
Take some screenies and post them here.
Wed 23/07/03 at 08:11
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
Posts: 2,988
Heh, it's probably a TeleSync. My mate does claim to have a DVD copy though, so I'll have to nick it and copy it.
Tue 22/07/03 at 23:17
" ban the Taliban"
Posts: 1,298
please accept my apology for calling you fags, it was a bit harsh.
Tue 22/07/03 at 23:10
" ban the Taliban"
Posts: 1,298
lol, U fags, I was only stating. If I was boasting, I'd be like : " hahaa you losers, i've got T3 on DVD"

But I wasn't like that, I was only stating something and it's not a crap version quality, it's excellent like someone had stolen the Cinema version and copied it.

But I'll forgive you all cos I just came back from Majorca and have had a f**king excellent week full of drink, birds, drink, and FOAM, not to mention crazy Japanese people.

I'm a happy chappy.
Tue 15/07/03 at 18:37
"...Unicef pennies.."
Posts: 639
Possum wrote:
> Yes, I have it and have had it for like 2 weeks.

Wowza, Im like, soooo jelus. Boastin iz wel wikid.
Tue 15/07/03 at 18:30
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
Posts: 2,988
*Cough*crap quality*cough*

Tue 15/07/03 at 18:23
Posts: 20,776
I wanna go to majorca :(
Tue 15/07/03 at 16:55
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
monkey_man wrote:
> Is it The goonies?

No it's just the way my shorts tighten around the groinal area.
Tue 15/07/03 at 16:32
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
"Hey you guuuuys!"


And, wow, you have an illegal DVD with no special features. Congratulations. I'll wait to see it on a HUGE cinema screen, the way it's meant to be seen, thank you very much.

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