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Sat 21/06/03 at 20:41
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and i'm thoroughly enjoying it.
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Mon 23/06/03 at 16:06
Posts: 643
From what I've heard, the new book is a huge disappointment. But by the time everyone realises this, enough books will have been sold to earn the author 30million.

Grand Theft Novel if you ask me.

It's amusing that children's books have entered the realm of fashionable "must-haves". I anticipate a wave of bunny rabbit books and fairy stories to start selling like hot-cakes before the world population realises that they're spending a fortune reading a load of childish pap.
Sun 22/06/03 at 22:12
Posts: 4,686
Mr Snuggly wrote:
> Didn't you know? Reading is so uncool, as is getting an education and
> getting a high-paid job. Tsk.

Gosh, I'd better buckle down and stop working. You won't catch me being uncool, no sirree! Bob!
Sun 22/06/03 at 16:24
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
The books are good.
Just not THAT good, I'm annoyed at all the hype - the descriptive bits sucks balls.

Like I said before, I could name 100 books that are more deserving of the Potter fame and would make better films as well.
Sun 22/06/03 at 16:07
Posts: 6,592
Didn't you know? Reading is so uncool, as is getting an education and getting a high-paid job. Tsk.
Sun 22/06/03 at 15:51
Posts: 4,686
Whooo! I'm 16 and I read Harry Potter! Go me. Aren't I so uncool.
Sun 22/06/03 at 10:23
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Believe me, I know sadder people.

Like the induvidual who read the last Harry Potter book five times.
Sun 22/06/03 at 09:30
"AKA 2PacForever306"
Posts: 186
pnkr I agree with you I think Harry Potter is **** I actually know some people over 40 who buy Harry Potter books sad I know.
Sun 22/06/03 at 00:38
"None Stored"
Posts: 3,126
harry potter is crap, if your over 12 and are reading it i advise that you see a doctor
Sat 21/06/03 at 23:42
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
I skim read it in the shop to find out who died.

I then fought with temptation to shout it out in the Harry Potter fan infested shop.
Sat 21/06/03 at 22:41
Posts: 4,686
*Plot Summary*

Harry attacks some Dementors then goes to Sirius's house.

He goes to school.

All these teachers get fired.

Fred and George start up a Joke Shop and buy green dragonskin jackets.

Harry goes out with a depressive person.

Voldemort showdown!


It all gets good again and Harry goes home.

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