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"Busted or B*witched?"

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Thu 19/06/03 at 18:38
Posts: 787
The title says it all. Busted or B*witched? I don't need a reason, just an answer. it would help to settle a debate between me and my friend as to which band are prefered more. This is just based on which of these bands you prefere, not if you like either. I'm rooting for B*witched but he says that Busted are better. I kinda like B*witched for some reason but niether of us like Busted, and my friend does not like B*witched either.

I sound like a 12 year old school girl. Must go do something manly now. *Put's on Slayer - Reign In Blood*
Sun 12/09/04 at 20:38
"a.k.a King"
Posts: 586
Busted or B*Witched???

No offnece to you, but how can you like B*Witched. And how the hell is a bunch of nutty teenagers in a 'rock/pop' band comparable with a bunch of irish girls who sing utter crud.

This is like cheese and chalk, or eyebrows and museli.

I'll say Busted, because B*Witched were truly awful.
Sun 12/09/04 at 19:58
"Titty biscuits"
Posts: 67
Well they're both crap but B*witched have the slight attraction of being irish girls who aren't terrible looking while Busted are complete fake losers with no sense of style or how to play a guitar. I'm going to have to go with B*witched

I do actually have the b*witched album BUT BEFORE YOU CRUCIFY ME - it was a present. Honest. I'll leave it at that. Ahem.
Thu 09/09/04 at 01:07
Posts: 2,849
Both bands are rubbish, though I did like one of the B*Witched group for a while. Mmmm
Wed 08/09/04 at 20:05
"Peace Respect Punk"
Posts: 8,069
Here's how the rules work...

Each band draws straws to see who gets crucified. Then, when we start the clock, each band has to build their wooden cross and then successfully capture and crucify the opposing bands nominated member. But we're not totally heartless. We're going to give each band a number of hammers to help the painstaking task of ramming the bolts through flesh, bone and wood.

Whoever is the first to erect their fully bloodied cross wins title of best band!

But don't fear, the runner ups get a great bonus prize, they get to take home their crucified ex-bandmate with them. A great centre-piece for any drab living room and a surefire hit for parties! Could even be used as a novelty hat stand (until the stench becomes too overpowering anyway).
Wed 08/09/04 at 18:06
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Sibs wrote:
> There's obviously only one way to settle this.
> Celebrity Deathmatch.

Or even better- Celebrity Crucifixion. =D
Wed 08/09/04 at 17:39
Posts: 654
I dont really like busteds kiddy rock music. But in their defence they are only about 18 and have had like 5 number ones. So I respect them for that. Afterall they've done more than you or I. And as for b*witched, its not like they've made any music for about 3 years so how can you really compare the two. Anyway they are truly sh!te.
Wed 08/09/04 at 16:55
"Peace Respect Punk"
Posts: 8,069
There's obviously only one way to settle this.

Celebrity Deathmatch.

Although since this show is no longer being made, we'll have to settle for the real bands fighting to the death as opposed to plasticine look-a-likes.

What a shame...
Wed 08/09/04 at 16:30
"Hellfire Stoker"
Posts: 10,534
Both are just your average bog standard pop music, and mind-numbingly awful, to my ears at least.
Wed 08/09/04 at 12:00
"tall skinny latte"
Posts: 623
B*witched were a crappy Irish group. I don't like Busted, but they're better.
Wed 08/09/04 at 09:27
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
Say you will, say you won't, say you'll do what I don't, say you're true, say to me.... C'EST LA VIE!

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