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"The Darkness"

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Wed 18/06/03 at 17:45
Posts: 787
Camp and foppish they may be, but I really love this band. I hated them at first, but their songs are just so damn catchy. Zane Lowe did his usual act of contradicting himself when they were on eMpTyV2 last night, but they let slip that they've got an album coming out pretty soon! I'll be seeing you at Virgin/HMV/Andy's Records then!
Fri 20/06/03 at 21:29
Posts: 11,024
Well it's possible to like one band of a certain genre and not another.

I hate bands like Bon Jovi and U2 who just follow the trends to the full - if you see an old U2 video they have mullets and do that spazzy back and forth arm dance everyone did at the time. The moment people think it's naff they drop it. *Spits*
Fri 20/06/03 at 09:28
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Fair enough.
I still dont see how anyone can like The Darkness yet mock Bon Jovi, Tigertailz, Ratt, Poison, Skid Row, Motley Crue etc because it's the same thing. It's like hair-metal never died.
But it did and that's a good thing
Thu 19/06/03 at 21:11
Posts: 11,024
Goatboy, they're not pretending to be anything other than what you said. They say they haven't purchased an album by a new band in over ten years.

They're not exactly what you'd call GOOD, but nice for comedy value.
Thu 19/06/03 at 21:02
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
Thu 19/06/03 at 18:03
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Awful, awful "ironic" cod-80s screeching hair-metal music.
If you like The Darkness, you also like Poison, Saxon, Warrant, Van Halen, Ratt, Tigertailz and any other number of camp-rock icon bands.

The Darkness - for irony laden fashionistas to wear lyrca to The Barfly and talk about "how now they are maaan", whilst not realising it's Euro-Metal from 1986.

You should know better.
Thu 19/06/03 at 16:37
Posts: 6,592
Whenever I hear them, I just think of that bit on SM:TV in the ad breaks:

"What sits on your Wotsits!"

It sounds just like 'em.
Thu 19/06/03 at 16:35
"Rong Xion Tong"
Posts: 5,237
I think they're great. I've only heard 'Get your Hands off my woman' and 'Growing on Me' but I like them both. Especially, Growing on Me. Plus I think the video for it is great. Especially when he catches the guitar and starts playing his solo whilst mysteriously floating along the ground. True Slash style in the Estranged video. Black Les Paul too.
Wed 18/06/03 at 22:05
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
I, personally, don't like their first song. The Terradactyl umping the Spaceship was pretty funny, shame about the song.
Wed 18/06/03 at 21:57
"Peace Respect Punk"
Posts: 8,069
I saw the Darkness at the Isle of Wight festival on Sunday...
Wed 18/06/03 at 20:26
Posts: 11,024
I liked the first song immensely, but the second isn't as good. Crap video as well.

I think Zane Lowe is the best example of multiple personality syndrome you could hope to find. Especially when he used to do Brand:new. I actually used to think it was two different people. When he interviews bands he's the most kiss ass person ever, and then when he's on his own he makes sarcastic and nasty comments about them. I hate the guy really.

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