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Thu 29/05/03 at 14:23
Posts: 787
Do that one more time and you're banned. Oh, how funny. I laughed for all of 0.1 seconds.
Fri 30/05/03 at 15:28
"Kill all Hippies"
Posts: 437
Mr Snuggly wrote:
> Angered me. Read the thread.

Fri 30/05/03 at 14:52
"Brownium Motion"
Posts: 4,100
I'm quite fond of impulsive displays of anger.

Good anger, Mr Snuggly!
Fri 30/05/03 at 14:49
Posts: 6,592
Angered me. Read the thread.
Fri 30/05/03 at 13:51
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
What did he do?
Fri 30/05/03 at 13:08
Posts: 6,592
True story: I went to unban him this morning, but couldn't find him in the system because he kept changing his name! Whoops, sorry...
Thu 29/05/03 at 18:27
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
Posts: 2,988
0.2 seconds? :0D
Thu 29/05/03 at 18:26
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Mr Snuggly wrote:
> Oh, how funny. I laughed for all of 0.1 seconds.

Heh, that made me laugh (for longer than 0.1 seconds might I add)
Thu 29/05/03 at 17:04
"Smells of blue"
Posts: 69
Borat Sagdiyev wrote:
> Kinyo wrote:
> Bit of a waste of a good few months work me suspects. Although I
> have
> just waisted a fair amount of time on a review i like to call
> original
> :-S (Burnout 2)
> stop plugging your reviews you cheese eating surrender monkey

Heh darn caught in the act :-P Oh and I prefer bread *turns and eats cheese*
Thu 29/05/03 at 16:38
Posts: 482
Thu 29/05/03 at 16:22
"Vote for Me!"
Posts: 62
He's bannnnnnnned.

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