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"Wow. Now this is amazing news that could affect millions of people."

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Tue 20/05/03 at 15:59
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Tue 20/05/03 at 16:29
"Bored, Bored, Bored"
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This has been around for a while - also noted in the gay community of California. Coincidentally, it's the same gene sequence that provides immunity to the plague that killed millions during the 17th century. Look for info about a gene mutation known as Delta 32, it relates to a story that people often get taught at school - A woman from Eyam in the north of England who drank bacon fat and recovered from the plague.

If both parents pass this gene mutation on, you are very likely to be able to repel either AIDS, or the plague - as they both attack cell membranes in a similar way.

The human body is a remarkable thing - Ignorance and fear are the real enemy.

I wouldn't hold your breath for this type of thing to be out as a 'One Shot Cure'. Five years would be pushing it, and that assumes authorities allowing the drug to be used 'compassionately', i.e. 'You're going to die, our untested drug might cure you, or blow your liver up. Either way you'll die, so we can offer it to you at risk.'
Tue 20/05/03 at 16:28
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*Pencils in another trip to Thailand*
Tue 20/05/03 at 16:26
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A good thing.

"There's gonna be people f***ing in the streets the day they end that thing. 'Hey, they've found a cure, let's screw!'"
Tue 20/05/03 at 16:21
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Indeed, this is good news.

But god knows how long it will take to synthesise a "cure".
Tue 20/05/03 at 16:14
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I was expecting something to do with you getting a new Skateboard or something but you were being serious for once...

Hmmm, it could help ~quite~ a few people...
Tue 20/05/03 at 15:59
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