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"***SRW NOTICE***"

The "Freeola Customer Forum" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Mon 21/04/03 at 10:00
Posts: 787
When my SRW No Holds Barred main event is posted, SRW will be officially on a 'holiday break.'

With coursework, revision and important exams nearing for all of us, as well as our normal and social lives too, people are struggling to write matches...a few people have tried to keep SRW afloat, but it's too much I think...and I won't have time to do the Eclipse's anymore.

So here's what I say. NHB will last until sunday, and hopefully all matches will be up by then. I will basically write an Eclipse card so I can remember all the current storylines, but I won't post it...we then wait a couple of months probably. Let people do their coursework, their revision and their exams and then in the summer, when people have more free time, we can begin again. That is, if people want to.

If you would be interested in restarting SRW as a writer or just a participant, please say so here...I need to know. Hopefully if we have enough then we'll have more matches on time, and probably more promos and stuff too.

That's about it really...big up to Jae and especially DW for their hard work recently, especially DW who's written more matches than most of us put together. I'm really hoping they'll want to come back as writers in the summer.

So, to everyone who's contributed to SRW in any way...myself, Starlight, Grandprix, LL Cool TT, Figo, Cong Man, AfroJoe, Jericho15, MikeAll, RM18, Random Hero, DW, Ice Blaster, Allardini, KR, Shaneo's various users, Mouldy Cheese, Tazz, Longy, Rickoss, Asher D, Hercules and to anyone I've missed - thank-you. We've probably had over 300 matches now and many promos and backstage segments too, and I've enjoyed every one of them. Cheers guys.

Congrats to AJ too, who I have officially made the most successful SRW wrestler of this period, by capturing both the World Titles and defending them both successfully for over 3 months...unless that changes in the SRW Title main event, of course. {:) But even so, he's certainly excelled in the ring this year. Starlight...only the CAW Title to go, and then you become the first ever SRW grand-slammer and get a free game...if I can manage to win you one. :D

Anyway, reply here with your thoughts guys. {:)

Thanks for reading, Ant.
Fri 02/05/03 at 20:04
"Where's SR?"
Posts: 1,310
I haven't been here in a while, but when I was into WWF, SRW was part of my life. It really does bring a tear to my eye. The end of an era but possibly the start of a new one. Thanks for the memories.
Tue 22/04/03 at 23:42
"I'm not Orgazmo"
Posts: 9,159
AfroJoe wrote:
> I'll have a lot of time after the Summer.
> I'm finished with my education after this year, and I don't intend on
> getting a full-time job for a couple of years yet.

Ha, ha, that's the spirit!

Join the dole, a least then your parents will know where all there tax is going.
Tue 22/04/03 at 22:33
Posts: 23,695
I'll have a lot of time after the Summer.

I'm finished with my education after this year, and I don't intend on getting a full-time job for a couple of years yet.

Tue 22/04/03 at 21:19
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
Er...I don't know what I'll post but I'll definately be around just as much as I usually am! :)
Tue 22/04/03 at 21:07
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
Nice one Matt. {:)

I'll definitely do some stuff when I'm around.
Tue 22/04/03 at 21:05
"Too Orangy For Crow"
Posts: 15,844
I have an idea for everyone who is concerned about the possible demise of this forum during the SRW break.

If the ones with a bit more time write the odd story or something and if everyone tries really hard to post once a day, the forum should still be around and still thriving.

I'm doing my part by writing a secret story involving the entire WWE Forum users. It's huge and will last a while. I'm planning it at the moment and I hope I can start posting it soon. It will be in easy to digest parts so it will not require a lengthy read.

Just try to do something to keep our creativity juices flowing and this forum going.
Tue 22/04/03 at 20:59
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
Yeah, make sure we keep posting guys. {:)
Tue 22/04/03 at 20:42
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
Count me in for when SRW is back up and running...

Once Stone Edges match is up, I'll do some sort of a promo.

Bah, without SRW this forum will probably be dead for a month or so. I'll keep on long as you lot do! :D
Mon 21/04/03 at 19:26
Posts: 5,135
I got one exam on 14th May, and I've got one bit of coursework to do but after that, Im free! Wahooo...

SRW needs more writers, thats the only problem with it at the moment, Then we shall rebel and come back better than ever! Yar...

*kisses SRW imaginary badge*
Mon 21/04/03 at 18:05
Posts: 5,630
I barely even have the time to come online at the moment with uni exams in just under a month's time, but after that I'm free. Free I tell ya!

So, I'll check back in a month or so, and if its back up and running, you can count me in as full time writer - Eclipse, PPV's, the whole lot.

(at least for eight months)

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