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"The pathetic blanket war coverage and a stupid anti war protester"

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Thu 10/04/03 at 12:31
Posts: 787
The way this whole War has been reported has really annoyed me. In reality there is about 20-30 minutes worth of stories to tell each day and they some how manage to stretch it to about 6 hours coverage. Yesterday for the first time it was actually quite relevant and interesting to watch when those Iraqi's were trying to pull down the statue, and was worth covering as it was an important and symbolic occasion in the war. However usually they just point a camera at a tank and then say, the americans have a tank in the city (which has been there for three days) but they just say it in twenty different ways and call it news. Thinks like that can wait to the main broadcast, nothing is actually happening, but they just make an extended broadcast and tell us nothing at the expense of other programmes. two days ago for example they decided to cancel neighbours and 1.50 just to tell us that the brits were in Basra. Something that we had been told on the lunch time news the day before, the 6 o'clock news, the 9 o'clock news, on BBC 24 on BBC 1 all night, on the morning news and on the early afternoon news that morning and the day before. I watched about 3 of these news programmes and absolutely nothing new was added, they just started to repeat what they had said at the beginnig of the broadcast. Now although I acknowledge the significance of the war, there is absolutely no need for pathetic blanket coverage. I'm sure a lot of people wanted to watch body heat or neighbours yesterday yet the BBC cancelled both just to repeat the same stuff that had been on at least 6 or 7 times previously in the evening. Then we get the morons presenting it, who ask the most stupid questions, like asking Iraqi's dancing in the streets with "welcome america" banners, whether they were pleased to see the americans.

The other thing which slightly irritates me about the media coverage is that we have had pretty much no home news for about 3 weeks now, pretty much the whole news prgramme is taken up by the war, pretty much the only two things to have been covered are the SARS outbreak and the budget. Either this shows that the news most days isn't actually worth reporting or that the news has gone over the top with the war i'll opt for the latter.

However one of the most amusing things i have seen in the war ,was last night on richard and Judy, they had the leader of the anti war protesters. He was clearly pleased with how the war had gone but wouldn't admit he was wrong. He:

A) said that anti war protesters didn't object to the over throw of saddam, they objected on how the country would be handled afterwards. What a gimp "that is not anti war" even if it is a valid concern.

B) This was the funniest thing. He cited a banner he had seen on the BBC footage, shortly before the statue got pulled down, which he said they were purposely not showing again. The amusing thing was the banner said:

"Go home Human shields, you stupid US Wankerrs"

I somehow think he may not have understood this, although he should really have got the point when his mate had a sign saying "Welcome america".

What a prat, i can't believe the anti war protesters could let such a moron lead them at these rallies.
Fri 11/04/03 at 20:23
"Gamertag Star Fury"
Posts: 2,710
Microchips wrote:
> Be thankful. My Dad got back from America today, and he said there's
> hardly any coverage whatsoever.

Well, seeing as anyone here who gets Sky digital can tell you, CNN, Fox, NBC, and the whole caboodle of US channels HAVE covered the war pretty much 24/7, and the idea they've been told not to show friendly fire is utter crap, as Fox's Greg Kelly recorded - whilst embedded - a Marine artillery piece blowing itself up, and Fox reported the Tornado/Patriot engagement first, and the F16 taking out the patriot first as well.....
Fri 11/04/03 at 14:35
"Stay Frosty"
Posts: 742
The Iraqi Information Minister is the only person in the Iraqi Regime i don't want dead. The dude's classic. I say give him his own talk show.
Fri 11/04/03 at 13:04
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
The Iraqi guy?
He is class!

Apparently, he's quite popular around Britain becuase of his sense of humour.

For example, he said....

"No, we are not scared of the Americans bombing us, and firing upon us"
*He then turns to a reporter*
"And neither should you be"

I thought that was quality.
Fri 11/04/03 at 12:37
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
Edgy wrote:
>that stupid Iraqi News Minister bloke

Heh, what a nutter:

"American's are nowhere near We are killing hundereds everyday! They are not even close to Baghdad!"

"Can you explain the loud explosions a few yards away?"
Fri 11/04/03 at 11:49
Posts: 15,681
lol, according to something that stupid Iraqi News Minister bloke said, Al Jazeera were in support of the Americans! LOL
Fri 11/04/03 at 11:42
Posts: 6,801
apparently, parts of the arab world were in shock yesterday at the fall of Baghdad, due to them only watching Al Jazeera and only getting positive reports of the war!
Thu 10/04/03 at 23:28
Posts: 10,759
Nobody elected him
Thu 10/04/03 at 23:10
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
Edgy wrote:
not to mention the friendly fire incidents
> in which the Americans decided to shoot each other and the British

Explains the massive gaps between coverage then. :D
Thu 10/04/03 at 23:07
Posts: 15,681
Microchips wrote:
> Be thankful. My Dad got back from America today, and he said there's
> hardly any coverage whatsoever.

According to something my mum read, the American news stations were told by the US Government not to mention the friendly fire incidents in which the Americans decided to shoot each other and the British (causing more Coalition casualties than the Iraqis were) so as to keep popularity for the war.

At least the BBC haven't done crap like that!
Thu 10/04/03 at 23:00
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
Be thankful. My Dad got back from America today, and he said there's hardly any coverage whatsoever.

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