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"What games do politicians play?"

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Mon 17/03/03 at 17:55
Posts: 787
What games do politicians play?

Haven't we all wondered what games our Politicians play?
Well thanks to the power of make-believe, now you can see.

Saddam Hussien (if you can call him an elected politician)

He is a huge fan of the Mario series, as he feels a certain ease with mustachios, and loves jumping on the heads of mushrooms.

His love affair with Mario began around the time of the Gulf war, when in hiding he found a friend in a copy of Super Mario World for his NES. This continued through the 90's where he found a particular liking to Mario Party 2 and Mario golf on the trusty old GBC. He recently, however, has denounced all of his love for Mario as he was not impressed with Super Mario Sunshine and didn't like the water hose. He found it too wet for his liking.

George Bush (if you could legitimately call him a world leader)

A casual gamer by anyone's standards, George "guess what the W stands for" Bush has always been a fan of the most simple game, Tetris. Still unable to try it on a higher difficulty level than 3, he was distraught when played colour Tetris and complained that it hurt his beautiful eyes.

Recently he has been watching his daughter playing GTA: Vice City as he like the pretty explosions but can't figure out any more than three buttons.

He also enjoys playing that online helicopter game, Outwar, as he like the fact it only has two buttons. "Are my helicopters bigger than these?" he asks.

Dick Cheney

Always the evil mastermind, Cheney revels in making the largest hospital he can in Theme Hospital, keeping it open or four years, then closing it down and selling it to a nuclear power company.

He also enjoys doing similar thing is all of the theme, sim and tycoon series.
"Die you working class scum!" he is often heard shouting at children.

John Prescott

"I enjoy the occasional game of Monopoly" said a suitably well-informed John, before eating a live Emu.

David Blunkett (oh dear where is this going?)

As well as playing the drums, David is also an avid gamer. Always in touch with all the latest gaming-trends, he enjoys playing his Braille copy of GTA:3 and shouting "Yo! waz up me homie mother-f**kers!," followed by "don't shoot me!" every time a black character appears on the screen.

He does much the same thing when any Spike Lee film comes on the telly.

Ian and Duncan-Smith

The two bald twins, separated at birth, enjoy the occasional game of Deer Hunter 3 and on every second Wednesday of the month play their traditional online game of counter-strike with all the former Tory leaders (minus Hague for obvious reasons)

During these games wild shouting can often be heard coming from Margaret Thatcher's home, "What do you mean I'm dead?, the mummy returns!" Followed by the bellowing laughs gained only from forty five years of country walks and cow mess inhaling.

John Major

While in office, John often played his copy of Lula: Sexy Babe, but was not impressed with the graphical competence, and soon enough got bored and decided he needed a real substitute, which he found. Unfortunately.

Charles Kennedy

Always one to try keeping his Scottish heritage, after enjoying a quick game of throwing a log in the air, he enjoys the whole GTA series as it was made by a Scottish company.

Ken Livingstone

Always the keen Newt-lover, Ken has always been a lover of screen saver with the swimming fishes. He recently found his perfect companion in an import copy of Seaman for the Dreamcast. "I think it's really great!" He exclaimed, "although it doesn't seem to understand me and there are no Newts".
Tue 18/03/03 at 21:16
"Ghost Mutt"
Posts: 1,326
Yey. Everything's coming up Milhouse. I've never been yayed this much and I've made better posts than this.
Tue 18/03/03 at 20:19
"no longer El Blokey"
Posts: 4,471
agent under fire wrote:
> Lets get El Blokey in here, he knows what forum to put everything
> in...

Here or FOG Chat. Politics - life, games - fog chat. Easy.

Nice post.
Tue 18/03/03 at 20:18
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
"I was yeyed by a few midgets"

And for good reason.
Mon 17/03/03 at 21:22
"Ghost Mutt"
Posts: 1,326
Thank you. I feel in today climate there should be made a new forum for current events or news or politics or some such nonce sense.
Mon 17/03/03 at 21:21
Posts: 665
ps nice post:)
Mon 17/03/03 at 21:20
Posts: 665
Lets get El Blokey in here, he knows what forum to put everything in...
Mon 17/03/03 at 21:17
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Judah Ben-Hur wrote:
> Ian and Duncan-Smith
> The two bald twins, separated at birth,

You've been watching "Have I Got New For You" again, haven't you.

Heh, good post there, I liked it.
Mon 17/03/03 at 21:14
"Black pepper?"
Posts: 702
Take no notice. I hate ***holes like him that reply with spammish comments.

Anyways Nice one.
Mon 17/03/03 at 21:11
"Ghost Mutt"
Posts: 1,326
Well, yes, evidently so. Where do you suggest I should have posted it?
Mon 17/03/03 at 18:35
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
You posted this in the life forum?!?!?!?

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