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Thu 13/03/03 at 18:07
Posts: 787
Whats the funny advert you have seen?

Mine is probably the pot noodle adverts

pointless post i know
Sun 30/03/03 at 17:01
"I'm Great."
Posts: 2,917
The new Daz advert is funny. The one where the mother finds the bra and goes looking for her son to get an explanation. I won't ruin the end.
Lets just say it's not what you would of expected to happen in a normal situation. Plus there's the added bit in the background of the ads main point.
Yes the Mini adverts are great. Just my sense of humor. Love the old anti-climax. "for some highly implausible reason"
Sun 30/03/03 at 16:15
Posts: 2,731
X - box, life is short play more. the one with the child birth/burial, always brings a tear to my eye.
Sat 22/03/03 at 18:03
Posts: 3,110
Discarded polystyrene cup lying on wet pavement for 10 seconds. Message saying "you will watch anything". Then, channel five movies ad.
Sat 22/03/03 at 10:37
Posts: 2,731
what about that brilliant mini advert where the new mini goes in search of the lost temple *head lights on* and finds it, the end, its a mini adventure.

or my absolute favorite, the mini drives past the a minutes credits roll up the screen, genius!
Sat 22/03/03 at 10:21
"hit the road jack"
Posts: 2,538
I like the Dr.Pepper adverts.
Wed 19/03/03 at 19:29
"Severly mind-warped"
Posts: 131
Garlic Bread!? wrote:
> Paranoid Idiot wrote:
> There are no funny adverts really.
> if that were true, Tarrant on TV would be a [email protected] show.

Ooh, very true GB, though really, T on TV is usually clips of Japanese TV showing women in bikinis in rather interesting situations
Wed 19/03/03 at 18:28
Posts: 2,731
Paranoid Idiot wrote:
> There are no funny adverts really.

if that were true, Tarrant on TV would be a [email protected] show.
Wed 19/03/03 at 17:16
"Black pepper?"
Posts: 702
Nowadays adverts on TV are mainy about insurence, gets on me wick.

There are no funny adverts really.
Wed 19/03/03 at 17:15
"I'm not Orgazmo"
Posts: 9,159
The one for Budweiser where the boyfriend and girlfriend buy each other cards.
Wed 19/03/03 at 17:12
Posts: 1,317
ill post here as im a regular actually about the subject, and i think the kerrang man is (u have to watch kerrang to know what im talking about) u no the bag man

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