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"top three favourite bands?"

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Thu 13/03/03 at 13:37
Posts: 787
post your top three favourite bands............

mine are

3) Sum 41
2) metallica
1) The Offspring
Sun 16/03/03 at 15:07
Posts: 4,686
1) Britney Spears
2) Christina Aguilera
3) Some other generic American blonde bimbo that can't sing

Seriously though

1) Nirvana
2) New Found Glory
3) Box Car Racer

System of a Down I like as well, but I reckon too many of their songs sound the same. The ones that are different though are all brilliant, such as Spiders, Aerials and Chop Suey.

Lostprophets are also quite good, but I hate the singer. He sings like the guy from Muse, Turin Brakes, Placebo etc. I don't know how to describe it, but kinda high, squeaky, and generally annoying.

Coldplay are pretty good at the moment and I have to say, I like all of their songs, except Clocks. I hate Clocks.
Sun 16/03/03 at 12:54
"fake polystyrene ma"
Posts: 111
hmmm, id probly say

1. Radiohead

2. Queens of the Stone Age

3. Beastie Boys
Sat 15/03/03 at 23:56
"QPR 1974"
Posts: 2,539
I have a few;

The Streets
Treble Charger
Phantom Planet
Some Sum41
Bit of Limp Bizkit
Drowning Pool

and probably more, but just like the odd song
Sat 15/03/03 at 22:16
Posts: 11,597
She's released an album. And anyway, I love "Shut Up". I forgot my favourite band...Saliva. Buah.
Sat 15/03/03 at 22:12
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
Ok, but one is a cover!
Sat 15/03/03 at 22:12
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
No she has released two songs - Papa Don't Preach and Shut Up.
Sat 15/03/03 at 22:10
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
DW wrote:
> I'll name my favourite six, in no particular order.

> Kelly Osbourne

She has released one song (and its crap), she isn't really a band and she has a pot belly !
Sat 15/03/03 at 22:08
"Z will be here soon"
Posts: 7,562
1 - Limp Bizkit

2 - Staind

3 - Saliva
Sat 15/03/03 at 13:33
Posts: 493
Recent bands favourites are

36 Crazyfists
The Haunted
Sat 15/03/03 at 13:27
"we escape....."
Posts: 904
not sure wat order and it very hard i have a lot of favourite bands but prolly:

Rage Against The Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers
also Led Zeppelin but hard to choose

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