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Tue 09/08/05 at 12:51
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Sounds pretty damn nifty to me, along with Zelda this is likely to be my last Gamecube game.

Slightly saddening really...

Although if I can find Killer 7 for a knock down price I'll snap it up.
Fri 12/08/05 at 00:05
Posts: 18,185
Double post
Thu 11/08/05 at 23:15
"Divine Davine"
Posts: 799
Dringo wrote:
> Although a bit more adventury (yes I know it isn't a word).

Nah, it's alright, I do that kind of thing all the time ;p

Hm, it's just the core mechanics of the game are so shallow. I mean I though they were going to overhaul the gameplay (like Reggie said, damn you), however it seems to be more storyline orientated rather than more battle specific. And it better be more adventury - I would love to explore a cave with puzzles galore. Heh, most of the puzzles invlove using strength on boulders though :p

Come on Ninty. Right now, I am not a happy bear.
Thu 11/08/05 at 23:02
Posts: 5,953
Triple, well done.
Thu 11/08/05 at 23:01
Posts: 18,185
Triple post apparently, Broadband playing up a tad.
Thu 11/08/05 at 23:01
Posts: 18,185
Although a bit more adventury (yes I know it isn't a word).
Thu 11/08/05 at 21:40
"Divine Davine"
Posts: 799
Just watched a few trailers for Geist. The graphics are pretty polished (however the character models seem to lack in detail) and the whole being a ghost element seems pretty good IF done well.

You have to like scare people to force them to open doors, and that's how you advance in a lot of cases - actually, that part seems pretty lame. It's meant to be really generic too, and basically plays like any other FPS game. Hnnrrr, Nintendo....

Battalion Wars and Fire Emblem both look pretty good and Zelda looks like the dog's bo**cks.

And Pokemon XD? It looks just like Colloseum. Hmph.
Thu 11/08/05 at 21:24
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Geist, Zelda, Battalion Wars and Fire Emblem are the only four major games coming soon that I fancy for the GameCube.

Though I've only had one session of gaming in the last 2-3 weeks now...

I'm suprised I've not gone cold turkey!
Thu 11/08/05 at 19:12
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And an X-box 360.

Edit: Although I am slightly tempted by Fire Emblem and Pokemon: Gale of Darkness (the latter I am less likely to get).
Thu 11/08/05 at 19:01
"Devotion 2The Ocean"
Posts: 6,658
mehh, there's gonna be over a year till the next Nintendo console comes out. Really telling me you're only going to buy 2 more games for the thing in that time?

Thu 11/08/05 at 12:19
Posts: 18,185
The distance between Lylat Wars and Adventures was like 6 years or something.

But yes, as a premier franchise, I imagine a new Starfox is in the works.

But Nintendo, do it yourself, everyone else just messes it up.

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