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"Freeola's Got Talent"

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Tue 25/11/08 at 12:52
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
How about this for an idea?

It's a similar idea to the TV Show Britain's Got Talent (and past shows like Opportunity Knocks) but with an internet twist.

Each of us thinks of something we're good at or have a skill for which can be represented online (ie: website building, artistic talent, animation or writing) and then posts a link to it on this thread.

We then vote for the best of these and announce a winner for the most talented Freeolarian.


Must be family Friendly
Must be your own work

Voting will take place after all entries have been received
No voting for your own entry!

Anyone up for it?
Fri 28/11/08 at 21:04
"What's basketball?"
Posts: 379
If I can think of something to do, I'd be up for it.
Wed 26/11/08 at 22:37
"Reach for the stars"
Posts: 41
aww i've wrote 2 poems and can't decide which one to enter :( I'll decide soon
Wed 26/11/08 at 12:02
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Yes, you can put a link in this thread to your entry.

I wanted it to be a general talent contest, so anything goes rather than just one idea for a competition. Get those creative juices going!
Tue 25/11/08 at 22:22
Posts: 18,487
I do love this game. Not played in a while but i think you can setup private rooms.
Tue 25/11/08 at 22:19
"Reach for the stars"
Posts: 41
So do you just put the entry on this thread?
Tue 25/11/08 at 22:18
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
we could try the drawing challenge. Or a concept challenge. Where the concept is the key to winning not how well you draw.

Of course we could try a left 4 dead tourney. Of course parents need to give consent to play for minors of course.

If you guys on the pc want a game feel free to add me to your steamID which is johnway. Let the Avatar be the tell tale sign that its me.
Tue 25/11/08 at 21:43
"I may return"
Posts: 4,854
My talents aren't family friendly!

Haha. As you are hosting, you have to wear really cheesy outfits... or at least have your trousers pulled past your waist :P
Tue 25/11/08 at 21:36
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I don't think I can win if I host it, Sunny!

I'm sure you've got talents..
Tue 25/11/08 at 20:40
"I may return"
Posts: 4,854
pb wrote:
> I've still got a Barbie PC game somewhere...

I am SO in! Lol... I don't have any talents... 'cept arguing - not debating, just arguing :P

pb's already won this... I'd write something, but I'm already writing a book for no reason, so.. yeah...
Tue 25/11/08 at 20:28
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
If enough people are interested, maybe the staff can provide a GAD for the winner?

Otherwise I'll have to dig in my box of, for something. I've still got a Barbie PC game somewhere...

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