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"Gulity pleasures?"

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Wed 26/02/03 at 13:37
Posts: 787
Just wondering if any of yall like music that you know you shouldn't but you can't help it.

The reason I ask is because recently for some unknown, stupid reason i've started to like Pink. I know it's classed as pop and I know it's teeny bopper "oooooo I hate my life" type stuff but i can't help digging the tunes.

So anyone else got any bad taste that they'd like to get out in the open?

Or am I gonna regret admitting to this and never live it down for the rest of my days.
Thu 27/02/03 at 20:21
"One More Chance"
Posts: 6,887
I don't mind Cry Me A River.

Oh Jesus! I really am a sissy boy.
Thu 27/02/03 at 20:15
"...Unicef pennies.."
Posts: 639
I quite liked Justin Timberlake's last two singles.

*gets out copy of Just 17 and reads avidly whilst waiting for "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" to come on*

*Gets Lynched*
Thu 27/02/03 at 19:55
"One More Chance"
Posts: 6,887
Iím starting to like Danni Minogues new song and Iíve kind of enjoyed all of Holly Valances songs.

Oh God, Iím a sissy boy!

*Puts on AudioSlave - Cochise*
Thu 27/02/03 at 18:19
Posts: 16
I know how you feel Tiltawhirl, i'm having the exact same experience with the same music as you. I can't help it her songs are so catchy.
Wed 26/02/03 at 23:12
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
I actually like the last three Sugababes songs (and their first one was good, back with the ginger one) but luckily, most of my mates are into dance and pop and rap, so they're kind of in the same boat.

And I, sort of, um... bought Barbie Girl back when it came out. But that song RULED! Come on, admit it!

*eerie silence*

Um... I'd better go before I give anymore incriminating evidence away...
Wed 26/02/03 at 20:14
Posts: 11,024
I like "Right Round" by Dead Or Alive. Not ashamed though, it's a classic tune.
Wed 26/02/03 at 20:00
Posts: 23,284
Its the first time I've admitted it

I feel so unclean
Wed 26/02/03 at 19:57
"Rong Xion Tong"
Posts: 5,237
SHEEPY wrote:
> Erm I liked Round Round by the Sugababes


Go sit in the corner and think about what you just said!
Wed 26/02/03 at 16:43
Posts: 23,284
Erm I liked Round Round by the Sugababes
Wed 26/02/03 at 16:35
"Rong Xion Tong"
Posts: 5,237
There are a couple of Pink songs that aren't too bad. I wouldn't listen to them by choice but I might sing along to them if I heard them playing. Same goes with George Michael and the odd classical piece. I Wouldn't play them out of choice but they're a hell of a lot more bearable than all this Avril Lavigne crap. I'm not ashamed of liking those things I just meantioned though, but what I am ashamed of liking is....

Eminem. Just a few of his songs (most of which have something to do with 'seizing a moment'). There are still more than enough that I hate though so it's okay.

Other than Eminem though, there is no other music I like that I'm ashamed of.

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