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"What is PHP4U and MySQL"

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Tue 18/02/03 at 18:07
Posts: 787
Basically i was wondering what these things are for i know they are web based, are they for things like forums n stuff.

Tue 18/02/03 at 19:41
"It goes so quickly"
Posts: 4,083
Most likely a package which makes installing PHP easier .... or so they say :).
Tue 18/02/03 at 19:35
Posts: 7,037
cjh wrote:
> PHP4U???

I've heard of that, but not quite sure what the difference is..
Tue 18/02/03 at 18:28
"Eff, you see, kay?"
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PHP is a dynamic scripting language for the web, used to make shops, forums, services, games. etc. Celebdaq will be made in something similar to PHP.

PHP can basically do almost anything you can think of.

MySQL is a database, like access. PHP and MySQL have great support for each other.
Tue 18/02/03 at 18:25
"It goes so quickly"
Posts: 4,083

If you just mean PHP, then that's a Server Side scripting Language .. used to make a basic HTML Web Page more dynamic.

MySQL is a Database (like MS Access) which is used a lot on the Internet to store infomation.

PHP and MySQL work very well together, as PHP includes a lot of built-in functions to allow data to be read/writen to and manipulated from a MySQL Database.

Its not just used for Forums, you could use it for complex systems like SR's shopping trolly and ordering system, or their online Freeola control panel. Or basic things like including an extra file into your Web Page, or display the date.

Basic task, make static HTML pages easier to manage and manipulate.
Tue 18/02/03 at 18:12
Posts: 389
I think php is something to with forums! but i guess you allready knew that
Tue 18/02/03 at 18:07
Posts: 1,033
Basically i was wondering what these things are for i know they are web based, are they for things like forums n stuff.


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