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"Advance Wars DS is here!"

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Tue 30/08/05 at 09:03
"Jog on, sunshine"
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I'll post later with info. Just... mmm.....
Thu 15/09/05 at 23:52
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I think I'll get a DS now.
Thu 15/09/05 at 18:54
"Jog on, sunshine"
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AfroJoe wrote:
> Should be great.

Should be?

Thu 15/09/05 at 18:43
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Claimed this as a Gameaday, so hopefully it'll be here on release day. Should be great.
Thu 15/09/05 at 16:12
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sept the 30th seems to be what most places are sayin (cube-europe, play, nin-europe for start).

well i bloody well hope so anyway! cant WAIT for the game to come out - im dyin to get it!

on a side note, battalion wars looks to be one of the better games for the cube this christmas. anybody plannin on gettin it?
i would but im a cash-strapped student. :-(
Thu 15/09/05 at 14:59
"I got a great Idea"
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gerrid wrote:
> ~ pResident Evil ~ wrote:
> September 30th for the UK I think.
> Lies, it won't be out till October or November I bet. It just about
> could have made it to GBA I imagine, but I'm sure it wouldn't have
> been as good.

tis september 30th, acording to ngc anyway, i think it says it on aswell
Wed 14/09/05 at 22:00
"Jog on, sunshine"
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Well, I completed Campaign today... managed to notch up an overall "S" rank, too. That'll be experience from the previous 5 versions, then. :D

Absolutely genius game. Really, really amazing. I can't stress enough how kick-ass it is.

Edit: And now for Hard Campaign! If it's anything like the previous versions, this is going to take aaaaages.
Thu 01/09/05 at 22:31
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Sweet. I think I'm definitely gonna get this when its out in the good old U of K.
Thu 01/09/05 at 22:22
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
That was the NeoTank. This thing is just stupid. It looks freakin' ridiculous, and it can destroy a whole entire MD Unit in one go.

It scares me.

Black Bomb's are cool... they're essentially missiles that self-destruct. There's also new boat units called Black Boats, which are like lander's, except they heal any unit either in the sea or on the beach adjacent to its location, and can only carry infantry.

I'm still waiting for a new 'plane, I hear it's a Stealth Bomber. It's going to have to be pretty crazy to beat the initial, "WTF?!" feeling I just got with the Mega Tank.
Thu 01/09/05 at 22:19
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
wasn't the Mega Tank in AW2?
Thu 01/09/05 at 22:16
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
I just had a brief introduction with a MegaTank.


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