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"DS Online = 14.99"

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Sun 04/09/05 at 16:07
Posts: 2,287

Not bad imo, why haven't Sony released something like this? Instead of making us go out and buy a 40+ wireless router.

What games are actually online for the DS? Are there any yet, or is this for the future?
Mon 12/09/05 at 16:55
"Da num.01 rapper"
Posts: 503
There is no description about the usb item for the nds? and no pics?
Mon 05/09/05 at 19:06
Posts: 3,611
Oh my. *rejoices*
Mon 05/09/05 at 19:04
Posts: 18,185

"Nintendo is also making things easier for gamers without wireless Internet connections at home. According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Nintendo will release a wireless USB network adapter that can be hooked up to the PC and act as an access point for the DS and Revolution. Specific details on the USB adapter haven't been disclosed."
Mon 05/09/05 at 18:56
Posts: 3,611
I will be so chuffed if this thing actually works as a wireless access point. Will make buying a DS so much more worthwhile, unless I find a wireless hotspot at my university :] Which now I think about it doesn't seem so unlikely.
Mon 05/09/05 at 16:26
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Emitime wrote:
> But why only release it in November?

Because play are always behind the times with things like this. I hope i am wrong and it is a internet thing but i doubt it.
Mon 05/09/05 at 16:15
Posts: 9,631
Chippxero wrote:
> I could be wrong about the cable, but as i have seen ones for USB
> charging i assume this will be that as well.

But why only release it in November?

Because the online service will be ready then?


So I reckon it's an online thing.
Mon 05/09/05 at 13:00
Posts: 18,185
gerrid wrote:
> What happened to "I've already got Double Dash and Harvest
> Moon"?

You've got a good point...

hmmmm... roll on revolution.
Sun 04/09/05 at 23:29
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
I could be wrong about the cable, but as i have seen ones for USB charging i assume this will be that as well.

battlefield + DS = :(
Sun 04/09/05 at 23:25
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Oh right of course. BF2 on the DS - out this November!
Sun 04/09/05 at 23:20
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
So that you can play your DS while BF2 loads and not worry about it cutting out.

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