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"PDZ - Collectors Edition & Pricing"

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Wed 07/09/05 at 17:10
Posts: 14,117

For those too lazy to click, it says that there will be a collectors edition of PDZ with bonus disc and stuff.

Also, the standard version will be the same price as current gen titles, with the special edition being 10 dollars more - no news on uk pricing.

The fact that the standard version is the same price as current generation titles is good - as it puts aside fears of games being 10-15 quid more expensive.
Thu 08/09/05 at 13:34
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
That happened with me when I travelled - got to a crappy hotel and said bla bla, oh yes, that's $10 more than you expected please!
Thu 08/09/05 at 06:50
Posts: 14,437
Still catches me off guard on occasion - and I've been going for the last 10 years.
Wed 07/09/05 at 23:29
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Yeah I hate that about shopping there. You can't take the exact amount out with you cause you never know how much they'll slap on extra for tax.
Wed 07/09/05 at 23:23
"Jim Jam Jim"
Posts: 5,626
Yeah Tax is a pain, while in the Nike shop in NYC I bought a $100 pair of shoes and the lady asked for for $108.75 or something. When eating out and everything the bill was always more than expected. Tax is only something like 8%(depending on State) but its annoying as we are use to paying the price on the tag, not having to perform on the spot calculations to see how much something costs.
Wed 07/09/05 at 20:51
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
What I'm saying is that overall, exchange rate doesn't come into it. The only time the exchange rate is good for anything is when we travel to there, cause it practically doubles our money.

You could have someone there earning 15,000 a year and someone here earning 15,000 a year. Living in their own countries, where all that matters is their own country's prices. We get some pretty good DVD sales - they don't. We pay at most, 40 for a new game right now, whereas they have to pay $50.

Plus of course as it was mentioned - they have tax added onto most things they buy that isn't shown on the original price tag. Its because of stuff like that that I'm trying to avoid having to move to Florida. Its just too damn expensive.
Wed 07/09/05 at 20:40
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
50 may be more than $50, but hyoptheticly, if you earn less or spend more on other factors, it can be more as a % of your averall spending.


Oh yeah, glad I got H2: CE on GAD, as it sucked.
Wed 07/09/05 at 20:23
Posts: 15,443
$ > , no. But take into account state taxes, health insurance and by gollywog, (im not sexist), it is.
Wed 07/09/05 at 19:48
Posts: 7,403
Savatt78 wrote:
> If you lived in America, right now you would be paying like $50 per
> game. Thats really the equivelent to us paying 50.

No, its really, really not. But direct exchange rates aren't always reliable, you're right there.

I'm pretty certain the games'll be 35-40 on the high street and 30-35 online.
Wed 07/09/05 at 18:18
"ATAT Supremo"
Posts: 6,238
Actually, the Americans have it worse than us when it comes to buying games. People here tend to just use the exchange rate all the time and instantly think we're getting shafted.

If you lived in America, right now you would be paying like $50 per game. Thats really the equivelent to us paying 50. The Yanks don't get higher wages due to our exchange rate, so going out and buying stuff like games and DVDs tends to be expensive.

Once the next gen games come out, that amount will probably rise to like $60 or so. So they'll still be getting it worse.
Wed 07/09/05 at 18:11
Posts: 15,443
It's a replay of Halo 2: Collector's Edition.

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