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"Advent Children"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children'.
Sat 10/09/05 at 22:37
Posts: 6,492
Gamespot says it's out 14th September, true or not?

I can't find out.
Fri 16/09/05 at 21:27
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Oh Your God.

Famitsu is right. Who knows what evil language translation do you think they'll inflict?

"Lukey Wukey". Hah!
Wed 14/09/05 at 17:41
Posts: 2,339
The official releases in Japan - UMD, DVD and Limited Piece Set - are all without any form of English whatsoever.

Which sucks.

What sucks even more?

A Fan Sub has been on the internet for two days now, it's near perfect - by the way it is only the file containing the sub titles - not the film. What people chose to do with those subs is up to them...

So how the hell do a group of fans achieve in a few days what Square cannot bother to do.

I'm getting the legal DVD from Playasia, but you can bet money that I want to also see a subbed version before it gets released here god-knows when...
Tue 13/09/05 at 19:21
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
Aww dude, leave "Lukey" out of this! Only two peeps have permissio to call me that!

Is gonna be seriously awesome, I think they went a bit overboard w the spin offs though (DoC, BC and I think there are others). I think it would have been best just to do the film, they wouldn't get so much "cash-in" critisism that way
Tue 13/09/05 at 19:08
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Guys, try not to get Lukey killed with envy.

I'm seriously looking forward to seeing this.
Tue 13/09/05 at 17:54
Posts: 2,781
Yup, it's in Japanese but has subtitles.
Tue 13/09/05 at 17:28
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
You have SEEN THE FILM!?!?!?!?!

You lucky *******!!!!! I am counting down the days until It's released in the US and I'm probably getting the soundtrack (Nobou Uematsu is SO GREAT!) How did you see it anyways? I'm assuming its an illegal copy and all in Japenese, cuz it doesnt even get released THERE 'till tomoz!
Tue 13/09/05 at 17:23
Posts: 2,781
*has seen the film*

Was good fun.
Tue 13/09/05 at 16:54
"You have a choice"
Posts: 422
Ahhhh I know what you mean! I think I know how thats gonna work in the film (go to [URL][/URL] for a good source of info. (warning, contains spoilers)
Tue 13/09/05 at 08:02
Posts: 6,702
chaostheoryspi wrote:
> the hard question is, how is Aerith on there and Sephiroth killed her

It sounds like you've probably completed the game, but for those who haven't I won't say exactly what I'm talking about, just that there is a clue at the end of the game which can be interpreted in many different ways.
Tue 13/09/05 at 01:13
Posts: 3,505
chaostheoryspi wrote:
> That game is gonna be so sweet, but the hard question is, how is
> Aerith on there and Sephiroth killed her (damn he is so sweet and
> hardcore)

It's not a game, its a movie, thats why we are talking about DVD players and UMD movies.

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