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"How much have you spent? (360)"

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Sun 11/09/05 at 16:06
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Just wondering how much you've all spent on the Xbox 360? That includes all of the games, accessories etc plus the actual 360 itself.
Fri 16/09/05 at 20:44
"Just Bog Standard.."
Posts: 4,589
I've only spent £20 on pre-ordering my 360 so far. But I'll pay the other £260 the week before launch day, so as I don't end up carrying loads of money around when I go to the midnight launch. As for games, I'll wait until I see an official launch day release schedule before I decide what to get.
Tue 13/09/05 at 19:13
"Gamertag = Chavex"
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I've spent 0 pounds and 0 pence!
Mon 12/09/05 at 13:45
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Ah, I get you now, Nash.

Don't think I've witnessed any of that on my TV or Monitor, so they must be fine.
Mon 12/09/05 at 13:21
"gametag = viperfire"
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Mine has a 16mil response time and I never get any ghosting. I think some LCD TV’s can have problems with interlacing – maybe this is what you are seeing.
Mon 12/09/05 at 11:05
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Bullett wrote:
> Buh? How do you get that?

It happens when things are moving quickly on screen and it can't refresh the image fast enough, so you get ghost trails, or something. Spooky.

I, by which i mean Merm, was playing on my good friend Olly's monitor that had a 12ms response time, and i could still see ghosting :' (

But I dunno, HDTVs probably have some cure for this or something.
Mon 12/09/05 at 08:21
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I don't know what the response time is on my Samsung :S
Mon 12/09/05 at 08:04
"Tesco value"
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J Nash wrote:
> Why do you all want HDTVs so much anyway, won't there be ghosting!

Not with a 16ms or less responce time
Mon 12/09/05 at 06:56
Posts: 14,437
J Nash wrote:
> Why do you all want HDTVs so much anyway, won't there be ghosting!

Buh? How do you get that?
Sun 11/09/05 at 23:26
"Jim Jam Jim"
Posts: 5,626
Nothing as my card hasnt been charged, but will be £279 as I have just preordered the 360 and nothing else yet. Will preorder some games closer to the time, when I added everything together on one site it was about £555.
Sun 11/09/05 at 22:33
Posts: 2,464
Why do you all want HDTVs so much anyway, won't there be ghosting!

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