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"Just one thing to sy"

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Fri 16/09/05 at 19:38
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
The new contoller is absolutely rediculous. In fact it's so rediculous, that despite not having frequented this forum for several years now, I read about the controller and felt immediately compelled to come here and tell you all how rediculous it is.

Anyone who doesn't think it's rediculous, is rubbish.
Fri 16/09/05 at 21:13
"It's so,so cold"
Posts: 386
Fri 16/09/05 at 21:12
Posts: 9,848
See the first link in the Hedfix topic.
On that page there will be a link "see reaction to Revolution" or something like that. There you see the video of people using the controller on "possible" games that included fishing and dentistry. :-)
Fri 16/09/05 at 21:04
"It's so,so cold"
Posts: 386
Where is the video?
Fri 16/09/05 at 20:58
Posts: 9,848
Turbonutter wrote:
> Sorry, I didn't think you'd need to be explained why a one-handed
> controller is stupid, Apparently, I was wrong. My apologies.

You've not seen the nunchuck add on?
You've not noticed the "light gun" feature?
You've not seen the video?

Don't get us wrong, we all said "rediculous" at the first look but don't stop there. You might be surprised! ;-)
Fri 16/09/05 at 20:40
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
JFH wrote:
> arguement
> Bad spelling

I love irony :-)
Fri 16/09/05 at 20:25
"It's so,so cold"
Posts: 386
Could someone give us a link to the video of the controller in action.
Fri 16/09/05 at 20:24
Posts: 23,695
Probably not, seeing as he can't spell ridiculous.
Fri 16/09/05 at 20:15
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
Turbonutter wrote:
> I don't need to watch a trailer to know that two hands are better than
> one.

I wonder if you can spell "ignorant?
Fri 16/09/05 at 20:04
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Turbonutter, you're just afraid of anything new. Wait until you've tried it before saying it's "rediculous". Also, try the dictionary sometime.

Personally, I think it's intriguing.

Now, can we have less threads about the controller? Please?
Fri 16/09/05 at 20:01
"not dead"
Posts: 11,145
Yeah, funny as they were such similar comments.

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