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"First look at Windows 7"

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Tue 28/10/08 at 21:24
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It's looking good, maybe I was right not to bother with Vista after all.

Although I have noticed that the interface looks more like a Mac with each generation. I don't like those stupid widgets, a clock and a calendar? Whats the point when you can just look at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
Mon 03/11/08 at 01:25
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I've just decided to try Virtual PC...never knew it existed before today....
Sun 02/11/08 at 22:08
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
have you tried vmware? or some other virtual machine emulator?
Sun 02/11/08 at 21:45
Posts: 15,681
It doesn't run Windows 95 runs DOS based games :P

I have some inbetweeners that weren't designed for DOS and wont run on XP.
Sun 02/11/08 at 12:28
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
Now I need to find an emulator or operating system I can use which will run Windows 95 software as Windows XP and Vista backwards compatability is crap...

Whats wrong with dosbox?
Sun 02/11/08 at 11:39
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I currently dual-boot between XP Home and Vista Home Premium. For some reason I get a few graphical errors on Valve's games, but generally I prefer Vista to XP.

I mainly use XP for the games which should (but don't) run on Vista.

Now I need to find an emulator or operating system I can use which will run Windows 95 software as Windows XP and Vista backwards compatability is crap...
Wed 29/10/08 at 17:54
"Mooching around"
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Personally, I find the slow down in vista is usually exaggerated. It seems if you have a half decent graphics card, 2Gb of RAM and a processor above 1.6GHz (not a tall order by any stretch), then it'll run fine.

With that said, I only boot to Vista to play games, I'm on Ubuntu the rest of the time as I'm easily caught by desktop gimmicks (burning away pop-ups never gets boring).

Windows 7 looks good so far, my only annoyance with vista was the damn administrator issues, the constant need to press a continue/allow button to things a simple as a file move.

Personally, I've never been swayed by the so called functionality of OS X, but people say it's great, so if MS are leaning toward them, then I'm all for it (I don't care how copied or unoriginal something is, so long as it works well).

Any guesses at a beta release?
Wed 29/10/08 at 12:30
"eat toast!"
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thats the hope. Why did they have to change labelling in windows vista? you practically have to learn the entire program again and thats annoying. With so much money put into vista its a massive failure. It made stupid things such as incompatible games as recent as xp compatible ones, you had to run under administrator just to get going.

A lot of nightmare stories concerning vista.
Wed 29/10/08 at 10:25
"Eric The Half A Bee"
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Machie you were definitely right not to bother with Vista - While it's not a complete, absolute failure - It really is a crappy OS.

I've a copy of Home Premium installed on my machine at home (a dual boot with XP) and the slowdown of my machine in comparison to XP is horrible (when performing the same tasks - web browsing, word processing, etc..) While I have received fewer bsod than I had with XP, however, I find using Vista so annoying (with consistent system freezes for no apparent reason) I've found I use the PC less and less since I installed.

Hopefully Windows7 will be a little better?
Tue 28/10/08 at 22:03
"eat toast!"
Posts: 1,466
I've delayed getting a pc because of this. I hear bad things about vista and i hope that windows 7 is actually going to be brilliant and fix all the problems vista had. Mind you, i also hope that windows 7 is going to be the next xp ie: the next OS system for the next 5 years.
Tue 28/10/08 at 21:58
"previously phuzzy."
Posts: 3,487
I'm currently working at Microsoft, and can safely say that Windows 7 is something to definitely be excited about... if technology excites you :). The integration of the Ribbon across non-Office apps, the Libraries, and the improved UAC should all help alleviate issues people had / have with Vista.

That all said, I've got Vista running pretty happily on my laptop, and seeing as 7 is being built pretty much on top of the Vista codebase it'll be interesting to see whether people will be so anxious about an upgrade, or whether they'll take the plunge...

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