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"Halloween in WoW!"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'World of Warcraft'.
Tue 18/10/05 at 11:49
Posts: 4,279
For those of you who didn't know, it is now halloween time ^^

If you see the inn keeper in either IF or Org he will offer you a trick or treat. You can do this every hour. I have an orc mask and a friend got turned into a gnome.

Also, if you see one of the orphans he gives you a quest and the reward is 30 pumpkins. Pumpkins are eaten much like savory delights only with different outcomes.

Fri 28/10/05 at 21:09
Posts: 4,279
Huge Pumpkin: [URL][/URL]
The Wicker Man: [URL][/URL]
Fri 28/10/05 at 15:59
Posts: 4,899

I miss WoW!!!

*Furious installation ensues.*

I guess I could pay for another 3 months... Let them GCSEs feel some pressure :D.
Fri 28/10/05 at 15:43
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Chippxero wrote:
> Do they change any of the buildings or objects other than player
> items?

Yup. There's pumpkins all over the place, hangind dolls from buildings and a burning wicker man outside of the Undercity.
Fri 28/10/05 at 15:16
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Do they change any of the buildings or objects other than player items?

EDIT: Guildwars seems to be following suit, this is normally a bright cheerfull town [URL][/URL]
Fri 28/10/05 at 14:26
"A man with a stick"
Posts: 5,883
I love this halloween event, though, I hardly ever get candy bars. Either transformations or a goodie bag containing a mask or wand. Good fun, especially when your in a group and everyone starts transforming one another.
Fri 28/10/05 at 12:57
Posts: 14,437
I don't like this Halloween thing now, I alweays get crappy candy bars or lollies now, everyone else gets cool stuff like transformation wands and bat-forms :(
Fri 28/10/05 at 12:51
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
I haven't played WoW in a month now, it's killing me.

I renewed it for 3 months too. :( So that's a whole 8.50 gone!!!

Might finally get Internet at my uni house in a couple of weeks though, I hope.
Tue 18/10/05 at 18:56
"Ow Yer"
Posts: 505
so what cool things has everyone got while trick or treating? I got I pirate wand in freewind post! and ive seen some fully looking gnome and troll masks going round! woo I love Halloween on WoW
Tue 18/10/05 at 15:17
"Homemade Cherry Pie"
Posts: 903
YAY they are celebrating my birthday!
Tue 18/10/05 at 13:30
Posts: 2,464
Haha, I noticed last night that next to the auction house in Orgrimmar theres an undead woman wearing a human mask.

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