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"GTA SA Saves"

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Sat 22/10/05 at 11:18
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
I lost my save files due to my user folder getting corrupted.

Anyone got a save game close to the mission where you bury the site foreman in his portaloo in the pit?

Quite frankly I can't be arsed to go through the whole lot again.
Tue 25/10/05 at 09:34
Posts: 14,437
Cheats stop you from completing it 100%, whether they are removed or not. Apparently.
Tue 25/10/05 at 09:24
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Azul luvs u wrote:
> Err, yeah you can


I was under the impression cheats broke the savegames ala GTA3. Oh well. I still can't be bothered to play back through.
Tue 25/10/05 at 08:41
Posts: 1,031
Err, yeah you can
Tue 25/10/05 at 08:31
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Hedfix wrote:
> I suppose you could cheat up until that point and then turn the cheats
> off.
> Might be fun.

Once you start a cheat on PC, you can't turn it off. :(
Mon 24/10/05 at 22:56
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Hedfix wrote:
> And shepherds have all the ram.

That was super-amazingly Hedfix-erific. Feel proud.
Sat 22/10/05 at 19:59
Posts: 33,481
I suppose you could cheat up until that point and then turn the cheats off.

Might be fun.
Sat 22/10/05 at 19:44
"Lisan al-Gaib"
Posts: 7,093
Hedfix wrote:
> You'd probably have better luck asking on a GTA-specific message board
> on Gamespot or IGN.

Aye. I didn't hold out much hope to be honest. I've already trawled the boards on gamespot.
Sat 22/10/05 at 18:45
Posts: 33,481
And shepherds have all the ram.
Sat 22/10/05 at 18:35
Posts: 1,031
Sat 22/10/05 at 18:27
"Catch it!"
Posts: 6,840
My friend is round near that bit.

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