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"Anyone Played any new PSP stuff?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects'.
Mon 24/10/05 at 11:21
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
So, anyone played Marvel Rise of the Imperfects on PSP yet? Looks like it could be better than the console versions, but may still be dire. I'm waiting for a mass opinion on this before deciding to get it or not.

Plus, if you played anything else recently, why not let me (and the rest of the forum) know how good it was. I did try to start a trend by producing quick mini review, but the topic drifted to the bottom of the page and sailed off into the sunset...
Thu 27/10/05 at 14:58
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Right, played PSP Marvel: rise of the imperfects now.

It's ok, problems are that it feels to much like you're just bashing a couple of buttons to win, using the punch button all the time. It's also a bit samey, even with different arenas you've pretty much got the same feel to each level.

The characters are nice and the animation is ok, but I can see it wouldn't last too long after I unlock Spider-man and play for a bit.
Tue 25/10/05 at 20:55
Posts: 939
Suck my balls, nerd.
Tue 25/10/05 at 20:07
Posts: 6,015
kukgv wrote:
> World Snooker Challenge - Brilliant.

Tue 25/10/05 at 16:44
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Ah well, out just after Star Wars Battlefront II then...

Still looking forward to Midway Classics Extended, with a mix of 21 games from the 2 console compilations. Yeah, I know I could get them all emulated, but would be nice on UMD...
Tue 25/10/05 at 14:36
Posts: 15,579

confirmation of GTA delay.
Tue 25/10/05 at 13:09
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
I'm not going to bother with GTA LCS - but I have got Pursuit Force on order.
Mon 24/10/05 at 14:47
Posts: 939

World Snooker Challenge - Brilliant.

WE9 - You should know, its just like Pro Evo... in your hands.


World Series of Poker - Not as bad as the IGN review states, but its not brilliant either.

Dynasty Warriors - Quite fun of what I played, just like running round jabbing people with swords I think.

F1 Grand Prix - Suprisingly good, not too hard either. Nice graphics and sounds. Although I wouldnt buy unless youre a fan.
Mon 24/10/05 at 13:21
Posts: 14,437
S'only another week - I didn't even realise it was originally to be out this week :S
Mon 24/10/05 at 13:17
Posts: 2,287
GTA LS has been delayed btw...

4th November.

Check out the Gameplay website.
Mon 24/10/05 at 11:28
Posts: 14,437
Last game I bought was Burnout Legends, and I'd imagine every PSP owner has bought that.

I'm just waiting for GTA, not too bothered about any other releases. Don't even know what's come out recently anyway...

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