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"Fallout 3"

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Wed 15/10/08 at 11:51
"Opposable thumbs"
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Anyone else looking forward to Fallout 3?

For those not in the know - think Oblivion, but with guns, gore, and an apocalyptic setting, mad-max style :)

*Edit - Streams down now, bah!
Tue 31/03/09 at 19:57
"so close yet so far"
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right dose any one no how to get in to vault 101 for the THIRD time as i havent got a clue p.s. for xbox thanks :P
Mon 16/03/09 at 02:51
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I am in the lincoln memorial, dad just died, dr li left me, I dont know where the excape point is... Can someone help me? I been stuck for 2 days
Thu 06/11/08 at 13:55
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I have to say that the more i have been playing, the mor ei like it, i have started to get plenty of health items, good weapons and actually stand a chance out in the wastelands.

I was very close to stopping this game, but i am so glad i didn't. I am now level 5 and not even done much of the main quest, just been exploring the huge areas and side quests, almost finished one which will lead to an achievement, and it really feels like i have deserved to get it. It is rewarding!

Anyway just thought i would let everyone know that they should strongly consider picking this up. When i get more into the story i will write a review on it, as if you don;t know what this game is about it may look a bit weird, but trust me, its good!
Mon 03/11/08 at 14:48
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I am enjoying the game but i think once i get a bit further and stronger i will like it more, plus when i get better equipment, at the moment i got a raider outfit and weird hat thing, i look like something out of Mortal Kombat lol, but liking it and i am sure it will get better - plus i am sure i will annoy you all more with questions on here.

Thats why i think a topic like this is good for these games, we can all share what we find to help each other out and pass on good quests etc etc

Think i will do some side quests and get a bit stronger then chase after my father!
Mon 03/11/08 at 14:41
"Copyright: FM Inc."
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Emmie87 wrote:
> It took me to an underground train station, am i right in saying
> you need to go through that in order to get to the Radio station
> or am i missing something, the compass just kept saying to go
> there and i didnt want to go all the way through and be like, ah
> dam im in the wrong place and then have to fast trak back and
> still be far away

I have no idea, I'm not on that quest. If it's the 'Following in the Footsteps' one that's the main quest which I haven't really touched on yet, been busy running around killing stuff around the outskirts of Megaton and picking up as many alternative sidequests as I can.

If it's any help though, there's a note somewhere on the loading screens/save screens that suggest that getting into DC itself is usually easier via underground so it sounds like you're on the right path.

The absolutely stand out moment so far for me was completing the Wasteland Survival Guide side-quest. I got exactly the same feeling from completing that as I normally do when I complete an entire game, so I'm looking forward to finding more side-quests like it.
Mon 03/11/08 at 13:59
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Once again FM you have been a great help, i think i will have a little bit more of a play about and explore, i was trying to go straight to the Radio Station but i couldnt even find that on the map.

It took me to an underground train station, am i right in saying you need to go through that in order to get to the Radio station or am i missing something, the compass just kept saying to go there and i didnt want to go all the way through and be like, ah dam im in the wrong place and then have to fast trak back and still be far away

Mon 03/11/08 at 13:33
"Copyright: FM Inc."
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If you've made it out of the vault I found the following made the game easier:

1) Set the game setting to 'very easy'.
2) Make your way to Megaton and start Moira's 'Wasteland Survival Guide' Quest
3) Do the quest (it's in 9 parts).

Getting radiation poisoning is probably the easiest of the first 3 options, just drink out of the toilets next to Moriarty's on the upper level, you'll get a nice perk as a reward if you go all out to please Moira for certain parts of her quest.

Basically explore Megaton as thoroughly as possible to pick up and complete as many quests as possible (some can be done within the town itself).

You'll find that various NPCs offer you premium prices for certain items, so save up those Scrap Metals and Pre-War books for when you meet them.

There are also certain items you can use to boost your Karma in either direction, Purified Water for the thirsty ones outside Megaton and Rivet City and donating to the Churches will make you Good, haven't discovered items specifically for Evil but obviously pick-pocketting, stealing and murder will push you in that direction.

I'm only about 25 hours in (which is saying alot, the game arrived on Friday!) but as yet haven't started on the Main Quest by speaking to Colin Moriarty.

Once either Moira's Quest is completed, or you've decided to Arm the Bomb you will:

Show Spoiler

There's probably a lot more to it but like I said, I'm only a little ways into the game and still finding my feet.
Mon 03/11/08 at 08:22
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So anyone played much of Fallout 3 yet??

What are you all thinking about things? I picked it up and i am only a little bit into it as i was doing other things at the weekend, but on my way to the Radio Station.

Am i the only person who dies a lot in this game?? i didn't buy a new gun and i am stuck with the little pistol that seems to do as much damage as a water pistol to a forest fire lol.

I was really thinking we should try keep this thread bumped for those playing it, offer advice (no spoilers without the magic button) where to find good items, how to make some cash etc etc.

Hopefully a few of you can help me with the following problem.

I need to earn some money to get bullets for a rifle i found or to buy a better gun, any advice and second, anywhere you can beat enemies easy to gain some levels??

Also - only a small one but would find useful
Show Spoiler

Thanks for you help - keep this bumped!
Wed 15/10/08 at 17:57
"Copyright: FM Inc."
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Simian wrote:
> Anyone else looking forward to Fallout 3?

I preordered already. I was initially concerned about the stop-start looking gameplay because of the VATS system (I didn't really enjoy stop-start action in Mass Effect to select abilities), but having seen a lot of footage since it appears VATS is more take it or leave it which allows you to play the game pure Oblivion FPS style should you choose to, plus some of the resultant effects from VATS are pretty neat.

It's hard to say what finally warmed me to the game, I think it was the similarities between Fallout 3 and Oblivion's gameplay, (wonder around, pick up quests if you want to, tackle them in ways you see fit, do something else if you don't), they're very similar games in this respect.

Release date is October 31st 2008.
Wed 15/10/08 at 14:27
Posts: 4,488
next year? thats good, gives me more time ot spend on other games.
Fable 2 will be a big time absorber i reckon. Really need to push through Lost Odyessey but then don't want to not play the COD5 BETA - so got a busy weke or so ahead lol

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