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"Kingdom Hearts"

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Sat 16/11/02 at 23:35
Posts: 787
Anyone got it?
This game rules..Final Fantasy AND Disney.
Ho baby!

Music's annoying though.
Ah well. Off to find evidence to prove Alice is innocent.
Fri 07/03/03 at 18:10
Posts: 54
Of course, ooooohhhhhh FF more, oofff its my turn to hit him with the sword. Now its your turn, thats just stupid. !!!!!!
Fri 07/03/03 at 18:08
Posts: 54
Of course it rules.I dont like RPG's and there is some layers of that in KH but its mostly combat. Over 100 disney characters are in there, ive finished it. Its been one of the most longest games ive ever played but what a game it was. I like the way that your characters looks change when you go to different worlds like the Nightmare before Christmas World and with 10 worlds in there. This game rocks. Buy......This.........Now !
Fri 07/03/03 at 17:36
Posts: 18,775
Dum de dum
Thu 06/02/03 at 14:47
Posts: 648
give it a shield better armor and energy never runs out anyway
what engine do you have and guns
Fri 31/01/03 at 17:50
"You can't catch me!"
Posts: 1,065
I made a Gummi Ship from scratch! it looks kinda wierd, but it is way better than my old one. How do you put the ships mp/hp up?

Also, anyone got any advice on how to beat that ice guy - gold match
Thu 30/01/03 at 14:04
Posts: 648
kingdom hearts is better then ffx
Wed 29/01/03 at 12:15
Posts: 18,775
I still haven't played it.
Wed 29/01/03 at 10:33
Posts: 648
i just plonked a new engine shield and weapon on
and now its great
Mon 27/01/03 at 17:29
Posts: 15,443
Yep, that's right. Make sure you position the engines facing the right way. It's also possible to just plonk the engines and a gumni block to make it flyable if you want a minimalist ship.
Mon 27/01/03 at 14:31
Posts: 18,775
R-107 wrote:
> ok, but an you build a ship from scratch?
On the screen where you modify your ship if you press the square button it should select the whole it again and it'll ask you if you want to delete the ship. Yep.
Then you can start from scratch...I think. Haven't done it in a while.

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