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"The Goodbye Luetchyboy Thread"

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Thu 11/09/08 at 10:47
"possibly impossible"
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Well, it seems that Luetchyboy is leaving Freeola, so it only seems right and proper to start a thread in order to moan about his time as a staffie on the forum before he becomes a mere regular.

As I don't know much about him, I've made up a biography so you can all get to know him better:

Luetchyboy was born in to poverty in a small house filled with 23 polish immigrants. His mother and father were both in the rag-and-bone trade and inspired the series 'Steptoe and Son'.

When he left the workhouse, Luetchyboy vowed to make his life better and provide for his family. He was picked up by a guy called Tony and offered a place in Freeola, which was then a rough dive for scallywags and pickpockets, but fast become a leading Internet ISP company, thanks to the profits from one of it's founders who mysteriously disappeared, leaving Luetchyboy everything in his will.

Luetchyboy now lives in a top floor penthouse apartment and is friends with Hugh Heffner. At night he dons a tights, cape and mask to live out is secret life as a superhero. He doesn't actually fight crime per se, but the sight of him standing there in tights is enough to deter the criminals.

Now aged 74, Luetchyboy is leaving Freeola to train fledgeling superheros in the art of looking good in tights.
Fri 12/09/08 at 23:55
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Gosh, is there no job stablity at Freeola? Seems like they're wickedly laying off people left and right. Sorry Luetchyboy.. but, I'm sure being a Freeola GAD forum staffie will look somewhat impressive on your resume? No? :)
Thu 11/09/08 at 23:06
"Previously Vampyr"
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Another one going?


have a good time with whatever you go to do in future mate, although, without us you'll get all depressed and want to come back :P

dont be a stranger :]
Thu 11/09/08 at 22:47
Posts: 703
Machie wrote:
> Jubba you don't have any plans to leave us too, do you? You can't
> go, you're our sugar daddy.

I'll be here for a while yet. Sugar daddy hey?
Thu 11/09/08 at 21:11
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Jubba you don't have any plans to leave us too, do you? You can't go, you're our sugar daddy.
Thu 11/09/08 at 21:08
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Another staffie leaving? All the best mate!

Crikey, it's as bad as my branch at Nationwide...only the managers left :p

Maybe I could get a job...
Thu 11/09/08 at 16:05
"I like turtles"
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Hope you still visit here once on while mate.Good luck in wherever it is you're going.
Thu 11/09/08 at 12:31
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Im devestated he is going, I love the sight of Luetchy. Infact I feel sick thinking that he won't be here :(

Leutchy exploiting his powers for one last time I see lol
Thu 11/09/08 at 12:16
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All hail King Luetchyboy
Thu 11/09/08 at 11:20
Posts: 4,488
all the best Luetchyboy and you will be missed!
Thu 11/09/08 at 10:54
Posts: 19,415
Goodbye Luetchyboy, we'll miss you :'( RIP

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