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"read this emmie87"

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Fri 15/08/08 at 04:42
"no,not a sandwich!"
Posts: 27
i recently replyed to 3 or 4 of your posts and wanted to get to know u a bit more. so i thought id say all my fave things. anyone else cana also type stuff here.

fave food, sandwiches.
fave band:evanescence
fave movie genre: horror
fave movie: that one is to hard and i cant answer it.
fave game console: ps2 or ds
fave game: on ds metroid hunters on ps2 maybe silent hill 3 or resident evil outbreak 1 and 2.
thats all. i want to make some friends on this so maybe we can chat 2gether. bbfn
Wed 20/08/08 at 04:36
"no,not a sandwich!"
Posts: 27
hi. i am sanga.........
Sun 17/08/08 at 20:54
Posts: 5
hi im new

i enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners ;-)
Fri 15/08/08 at 15:59
Posts: 9,995
fave food: Toad in the hole
fave band: Rubber band
fave movie genre: Pornography
fave movie: Dogarama
fave game console: Nintenjo.
fave game: Hide the deformed anteater
Fri 15/08/08 at 15:24
Posts: 703
fave food: Dominos Mighty Meaty without Mushrooms
fave band: Alkaline Trio
fave movie genre: Horror or Action
fave movie: Snatch
fave game console: Super Nintendo
fave game: Michael Jacksons Moonwalker arcade machine
Fri 15/08/08 at 13:22
Posts: 295
fave food: Grass
fave band: Yellow
fave movie genre: Teen Rom Com
fave movie: America Pie 56
fave game console: Game Gear
fave game: Superman 64

Fri 15/08/08 at 11:16
Posts: 368
Think it's that picture of you on facebook at the mcdonalds drive through that this person has fallen for! :D
Fri 15/08/08 at 11:12
Posts: 4,488
well he going to be very disappointed lol
unless sanga is actually cheryle cole then it would be a happy surprise hahaha!
Fri 15/08/08 at 10:59
Posts: 295
LOLZ I think sanga (who the hell is sanga anyway???) thinks emmie is a girl hehe
Fri 15/08/08 at 10:21
Posts: 4,488
You never know it might improve my game lol, could finally hit a par!
Fri 15/08/08 at 09:21
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Emmie87 wrote:
> and i like playing golf and having a few drinks.

That could be messy...oh, not at the same time...


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