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"The True History of Gaming"

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Fri 04/10/02 at 00:18
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Many people think that gaming started in the 80's or 70's. But a real gamer knows that gaming has been around since the early Stone Age. The real truth about gaming has never been exposed to the public, but I have had enough of the lies. Finaly, I will have the plessures to teach all of you the TRUE hitory of gaming.

The Late Jurrasic Age

Dinosaurs romed the earth and eat or killed any animal that crossed it's way. Many of them had very vicios attitudes and other creatures dared to stand even 50 feet away from them. But dinousars needed fun in their lives too. With the help of all the dinos, they made a sysem named "The Dinotron" or in their language the "Rooooarr RRRRR Rooooooarr".

The dinos had only one game for it though. It was a game with very low tech graphics called "Tyron T-Rex" that was very exiting to the dinos. It was about a mother stegasoarous that has to jump over barrels that a T-Rex throws at her, to reach her baby egg that the T-Rex had kidnapped. A similar game came out decades afterward called Donkey Kong, but it didnt match the fun of the classic game.

The Early Stone Age

The Stone Age was the first time gaming was introduced to the world. The cavemen made the first ever gaming system right after the discovery of fire. They made the first version of the now very popular Gamecube. They called this system the "Uga Uga Shiny Light Maker Thingy". The cavemen were very creative at making names, weren't they?
They made this system out of clay, stone, sticks, mud, oh and of course a high tech turbo generator. They found the generator in a strange metal box that had the letters T I M E M A C H I N E on it. Isn't that just so weird? They played their Uga Uga Shiny Light Maker Thingy all day and night without rest, and with tiny help from their games for the system like "How to Make a Wheel" and "Make a Wheel Now you Worthless Cavemen", they made the all famous wheel.

The Native American Times

The native americans were very dedicated to their religion that was based
on the stars and the moon. They were so loyal to their gods that they even gave human sacrafices. The native american people made games that suited their personalaties. This is why the native american made the games "Barbie Race-a-way" and "Mary Kate And Ashley Mall Mysteries".

To them Mary Kate and Ashley were little girls that one day would help the world with there beauty. But of course they were just a myth to them at the time. The native americans praised Mary Kate and Ahley like their gods aswell, and who ever doubt the power of Mary Kate and Ashley would suffer.

The Age of the Roman Empire

Under their togas and funny leafed hats, the romans were peaceful people and wanted to spread their love around like many sickly diseases. But they only were humans, and all humans need to let out stress somehow. The all peaceful romans made a system called the "Ultra Bloody Fighters", or UBF for short.

With this great system the romans grew tremendously evil. That's how they found they idea to place lions in a arena with little romans that had the physical strength of a wet paper bag. And that's how they invented the first ever fighting dome.

The Present Time

Games are now a part of many peoples lives now. And finally Mary Kate and Ashley were born to walk the world with their talent. With the birth of these two, scientist have used many techniques to bring back all the games of the native american times for us to suffer through their unfunny, unfun antics like we don't see them on television enough all ready.

But at least now in days we have several gaming systems to attract different types of gamers. The Gamecube for the gamers that like fun and enjoy the thrill of such series like Maro and Metroid. The PS2 would be for the gamers that enjoy the bloodshed of Grand Theft Auto 3 and the brilliance of Metal Gear Solid 2. And the Xbox would be for gamers that are into the high graphics, many features, and all around great games.

There you have it. The true history of gaming. Will the government try to make a cover up for what I just exposed? Or will they just say that I'm a liar and a fake. The questions roll on and on and won't stop until all of them are answered. Well at least now all of you know that we weren't the only generation to have the great gift of gaming. Thank you:)


Fri 04/10/02 at 19:31
"5 European Cups!!!"
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I've just read up to the T-rex/ Donkey Kong part. It looks pretty good so far ;)
Fri 04/10/02 at 14:12
"sweats salad dressi"
Posts: 4,599
I'm not going to get any opinions on the post!!!!!
Fri 04/10/02 at 09:27
"I hate that!!!"
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Of couse I have the best ideas!
Fri 04/10/02 at 09:27
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Perhaps, Mr Monster, you have the best ideas?
Fri 04/10/02 at 09:25
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
why do folk always rip off ny ideas?
Fri 04/10/02 at 09:24
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Doughnut Monster wrote:
> Just a rip off of my idea!

I think that was the idea, a kind of semi-serious parody. Mine would have been much less serious!
Fri 04/10/02 at 09:21
"I hate that!!!"
Posts: 4,115
Just a rip off of my idea!
Fri 04/10/02 at 09:12
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Bah! I was going to do something like this, but then couldn't be bothered. :-)

Fri 04/10/02 at 08:53
"Eric The Half A Bee"
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Lord H wrote:
> Blatant GAD attempt reaction.

Blatent GAD attempt = BLAG?
Fri 04/10/02 at 00:24
".......on the attac"
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Blatant GAD attempt reaction.

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