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"Who are you?"

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Mon 30/09/02 at 16:55
Posts: 787
Time to show who you are and tell us all a bit about you.
Started by Sheepy and taken over by me gives us a chance to see what we all look like and get a bit more info about each other.

But we need more of you on there. So go on, we won't laugh at your pics (much).
Notables would be appreciated as so far only Sheepy has been brave enough, So come on.

If link above dosn't work then try

Want to be on it then send a pic and details (Like the others on the site) to the address given on the site.

Go on.
Mon 30/09/02 at 22:13
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Ok all updated so far.
Apart from Tribute's pic you'll need to send it in again.
Mon 30/09/02 at 20:57
"Jog on, sunshine"
Posts: 8,979
Hercules! wrote:
> Hi, im Trevor, and i'm an alcoholic.

I'm not an Alcoholic, Alcoholics go to meetings!

Mon 30/09/02 at 20:54
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
Against my better judgement I have just emailed you my details ...
Mon 30/09/02 at 19:29
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Fosbe wrote:
> I dotn have anyway of getting a photo on the net. Can i just send some
> info in?

just send the info in, you could also draw yourself in paint or something similar for a laugh.
Not everyone on there has a pic.
Mon 30/09/02 at 19:27
"i am fubby"
Posts: 596
ho ho...i now know what sheepy looks like...

rather sheepish photo!

get it, get it, i crack myself up!
Mon 30/09/02 at 19:21
Posts: 2,085
I dotn have anyway of getting a photo on the net. Can i just send some info in?
Mon 30/09/02 at 19:06
Posts: 12,243
1) My real name is not Trevor

2) I am not an alcoholic

3) Why did my comment get 3 quotes? Do you love me?

Answers on a postcard please... sent to my house obviously.
Mon 30/09/02 at 18:26
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
AJs smiley:
Mon 30/09/02 at 18:16
Posts: 23,695
I've sent mine.


Mon 30/09/02 at 17:28
Posts: 170
Mr President wrote:
> Hercules! wrote:
> Hi, im Trevor, and i'm an alcoholic.
> *claps*

Mr President, i feel you also have a problem, i want you to admitt it infront of everyone president, no, MR PRESIDENT, PUT THE GUN DOWN, NO MR PRESIDE........ARGGGGGGGGGGG

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