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Tue 08/07/08 at 19:57
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Ok basically sharing is good (no not the naughty P2P kind) and this thread is going to be about posting your favourite site, youtube whatever. Just preferably something that people can see.

So I'll kick things off, this is one of my favourite youtube videos, it's brilliantly funny and you guys should check out his other vids.

Fri 18/07/08 at 13:23
"Mad as a badger!"
Posts: 1,178
Coo Coo wrote:
> Garfield minus
> Garfield

That's rather random, but rather good!
Fri 18/07/08 at 13:22
"Mad as a badger!"
Posts: 1,178
Black8704 wrote:
> 1 more, honest last one:
> This guys is
> amazing!

Beardyman is awesome! Saw him on some Talent TV show last year or so, he was so much better than the other acts that beat him. Quite a few good videos on yube for him.
Thu 17/07/08 at 21:58
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Garfield minus Garfield

Also, I keep a tumblelog at Tumblr. Very useful just to shove all the interesting websites, videos, photos, music, etc you find.
Thu 17/07/08 at 16:06
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1 more, honest last one:

This guys is amazing!
Thu 17/07/08 at 16:04
Posts: 368
Quite good also, if you like Mighty Boosh, will probably like these sketches.

I like rusty Spooonnnns...
Thu 17/07/08 at 16:01
Posts: 368
Absolutely hillarious

You may have already heard it, funny but also very very creepy!!

Little bit scary!!!
Thu 17/07/08 at 11:08
Posts: 19,415
This ones for you Luetchyboy

Fri 11/07/08 at 18:10
"Mad as a badger!"
Posts: 1,178
Really old and seen a million times by everyone I suspect, but I still think that this is awesome...

Blind folded kid plays Mario on piano
Fri 11/07/08 at 16:02
Posts: 703
I'm trying to find a video on YouTube I saw about a year ago of an asian kid playing Greensleeves on an Electric guitar with tapping etc, it was amazing. When I find it i'll post it
Wed 09/07/08 at 14:54
Posts: 295
Nobody else :(

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