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"I still love this game"

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Sat 05/11/05 at 22:58
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The best AV ever and I wonder why ^^

[S][S][S][S]I rule and you all know it
Mon 07/11/05 at 21:13
"gsybe you!"
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AV isn't that fun, unless it's quick. When it's slow, it's a boring grind.
Sun 06/11/05 at 19:51
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I know final blows don't mean a thing but I did have a really excellent game.

30+ of those final blows were one on one encounters with people trying to sneak round and capture a GY.

And it's also nice to be top ^^
Sun 06/11/05 at 19:06
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Yeah. The people with the most killing blows on DM are usually warlocks/hunters/rogues. Warlocks because of DOTs killing people who tried to retreat, hunters because they can run and fire and rogues cause you can ambush someone who is already fighting at 20%.

Not really sure why they even have them in the score boards.
Sun 06/11/05 at 18:37
"+34 Intellect"
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Damarus wrote:
> It basically means I pwned 79 other people on the silly little elf
> game.

Or stole 79 other people's kills. The day i look at killing blows with merit is the day i give a one fingered salute to WoW. Im not knocking your achievements, but killing blows are a shady area.
Sun 06/11/05 at 16:46
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And days? WTF?!? Has no-one seen [URL][/URL] ?

Silly people. I hit you with my rhythm stick.
Sun 06/11/05 at 03:27
"A man with a stick"
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Indeed, I think the AV battle last week started at around 10am Saturday morning and ended sometime 5am the following Sunday, but only because half the Horde eventually quit.
Sun 06/11/05 at 00:59
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7 hours? I've seen battles going on for days.
Sun 06/11/05 at 00:56
"A man with a stick"
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I can't wait to get into AV, I hear the battles there are truly epic, in fact there was one a couple of weeks ago here on Thunderhorn that lasted 7 hours and finally ended in a victory for the Horde.
Sat 05/11/05 at 23:49
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It basically means I pwned 79 other people on the silly little elf game.
Sat 05/11/05 at 23:45
"Pouch Ape"
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"This means nothing to me, ohhhhh Vienna..."

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