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"So pm banned me."

The "Freeola Customer Forum" forum, which includes Retro Game Reviews, has been archived and is now read-only. You cannot post here or create a new thread or review on this forum.

Mon 30/06/08 at 13:32
Posts: 38
Yeah. Well tried to log on with normal username and password. Says username/password invalid. Tried to make new account, made it, but still says invalid. Guess they must have banned my ip address. Oh no.

Someone go and sort it out for me ;)

Yeah I'll probably get banned from here for talking about PM :O

But oh well.

Haven't been here in ages. How has everyone been?
Sat 12/07/08 at 16:34
"the j-man"
Posts: 68
your account is still active on the memberlist bob, you've probably just forgotten your current username considering you've changed it dozens of times
Sun 06/07/08 at 01:08
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
tnc wrote:
> The forums monkey_man set up and most of the userbase here
> migrated over to..
Sat 05/07/08 at 20:31
"eeast weeeeeeeeeezy"
Posts: 320
Whats PM
Fri 04/07/08 at 20:23
Posts: 5,848
The forums monkey_man set up and most of the userbase here migrated over to..
Tue 01/07/08 at 21:47
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
*looks blankly*
Mon 30/06/08 at 23:51
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
@Pb: Me too -- it's Vecksed who's rocking the boat ... and I can't swim!

@Vampyr: *cough*PocketMonkey*cough*
Mon 30/06/08 at 23:03
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
who's pm?

*seems to have missed something*
Mon 30/06/08 at 22:12
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
I thought we'd got past all that nonsense with PM and Freeola being in a huff? :)
Mon 30/06/08 at 21:19
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452

Mon 30/06/08 at 17:09
"Mad as a badger!"
Posts: 1,178
Who said something about PM :o How very dare thee! :p

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